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Can you name the Before and After??

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Thing 1AnswerThing 2
P90X Host & Celebrity Fitness InstructorA famous Dr. Seuss tale (made into a 2008 movie)
1st Lieutenant of the A-Team (first and nickname only)A 1997 movie starring John Travolta and Nicholas Cage
Eccentric comedian who was in Employee of The Month & Inspector GadgetThe P.I. star of his eponymous 30s comic strip
The famous tyrant of Shakepearean fameA fresh green dish invented in Tijuana now available globally
The POW camp of Vietnam infamyThe chain owned by the family of the former 'Simple Life' star
Tom Hank's character in a famous Pixar movie The famous funny jazz clarinetist who answered everthing we wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask
The lead singer of the Culture ClubThe comedian author of Brain Droppings
Actor who went 'Back To The Future' as Marty McFlyThe 1981 Disney movie with Tod and Copper, the animal main characters as two unlikely friends
Head coach of the Denver NuggetsOne of the co-authors of the Communist Manifesto
Famous Western outlawVoice of the archnemesis of Luke Skywalker

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