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Can you name the precognitive Marvel characters?

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Real NameCharacterPowers
Ruth AldineTelepath with limited precognition
Taneleer TivanImmortality, precognition, and telepathy; can manipulate cosmic energy to change his size and shape; Temporal Assimilator permits time travel
Douglas RamseyMutant facility for translating any sort of language; ability to analyze patterns improved to the point at which he could predict the future
Irené AdlerMutant power to see the future allowed her to scan the probability spectrum of alternate futures, then focus on events before they happened
Cassandra WebbThrough clairvoyance she can predict the future, read minds and perform psychic surgery
Same as aliasCan predict the futures of individuals, with some exceptions; can also resurrect people from the dead, but without their souls
Alexander AaronImmortal god of Olympus, with superhuman durability, endurance, intelligence, and strength; can instill fear in others by looking into their eyes; can predict the future
Same as aliasFormerly possessed vast powers of telepathy and telekinesis, as well as the ability to fire psionic blasts, reshape reality, appear in astral form, and perceive future events
Stakar Vaughn OgordCan fly at light speed and manipulate cosmic energy; has the power of precognition
BrunnhildeEnhanced strength, longevity, and stamina; can perceive the onset of death and teleport to the realm of the dead

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