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Can you name the other movies in which these superhero character actors crossover?

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Forced Order
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CrossoverMovieMain Actors
Captain America helps a girl trying to find her true love among the past 20 men of her life - Star-Lord and Falcon happen to be two of them
Batman and Lois Lane are hustlers forced to work for Rocket Raccoon and the FBI - Hawkeye and Mystique get involved too
Daredevil, Sabretooth and Lucius Fox desperately try to prevent a nuclear war between the US and Russia from happening
A man falls in love with Black Widow's voice - Lois Lane and Star-Lord pop up as well
Groot is left for dead on a scorching hot planet, fighting his way off of it he meets Judge Dredd and Drax the Destroyer
Sinestro, Star-Lord and Crossbones are among the people trying to capture Bin Laden over a 10 year period of time
Batman gets rough in order to find his missing brother in a town that also houses Gamora and Green Goblin
The Collector becomes a werewolf and must fight his father Odin, as well as the Red Skull
Star-Lord and Falcon (among others) attend their 10 year high school reunion
Three friends enlist the help of Electro to take down their bosses, which include Lex Luthor and Bullseye

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