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How many generators are there?
What is this main boss on Origins?
Where does Origins take place?
What year does Origins take place?
The Announcer on Origins is?
What is the powerup that gives you points called?
The _____ Zombies attempt to prevent you from capturing all of the generators.
Where is the Ice Staff Tunnel located?
What is the name of the power up that makes the zombies ignore you?
What is the name of the starting pistol?
What is the name of the upgraded starting pistol?
What is the LMG that is an Origins exclusive. (A weapon that is not featured on any other Zombies Chronicles Map)
Where is Pack-A-Punch located?
What is chronologically the next map?
Placing the Gramophone down in one of the four tunnels gives you access to?
What two colors of eyes do the zombies have?
How many robots are there?
What is the name of the robot by the Church?
How much does the door to Excavation cost?
What item is required to dig at the dig sites?
The _____ allows you to move around the map and has to be used in order to acquire the parts for the Lightning Staff?
How many staffs are there on Origins?
How many points do you have to spend in order to acquire Double Tap from the Challenge Box?
Performing 115 Normal Zombie Headshots gives you?
The easter egg achivement for Origins is called?

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