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The 1st movie Jonah Hill appeared inBefore he found a silver lining with a fighter he made this
The 2nd Will Smith film released in 2005 to feature him in a lead roleMany consider this to be one of his worst films
The 3rd Tim Burton movie (feature length only)Darkness! No Parents!
The 4th actor to portray James BondLicense To Daylights
The 5th Wes Anderson film (feature length only)Many consider this to be his worst film
The 6th movie that Meryl Streep was Oscar nominated for7 Oscar Nominations
The 7th film to win the Best Picture OscarNot one day
The 8th highest grossing film of 2013 (worldwide)Won 7 Academy Awards
The 9th Richard Linklater filmHis first collaboration with Jack Black

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