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DescriptionCharacter Name
Girl who's murder is being investigated
Fashionable, one of the main Liars
The popular girl of the Liars
The smart girl, main Liar
Competitive swimmer, main Liar
Member of the A Team, formerly a close friend of the Liars
Member of the A Team, dating one of the liars
Alison's brother
Member of the NAT Club, works as a cop
Member of the NAT Club, killed by A
Used to be blind, recently got sight back
The other Hastings daughter
Brother in the Montgomery family
Computer hacker, helping track down A
English teacher, dating one of the Liars
Swimmer, dating one of the Liars
Murdered by her stalker, dated a Liar
The Kahn brother in the same grade as the Liars
Worked at the Hasting's country club, dated a Liar
British doctor, dated two of the Liars
Emily's blonde ex-girlfriend
Brother in the Fitzgerald family
Alison's role model
DescriptionCharacter Name
Popular blonde guy, dated Hanna
Tried to get Hanna expelled but forgot about her birthmark
Split up the Marin's by having an affair with Mr. Marin
Mr. Marin
Mrs. Marin
Mrs. Fields
Mr. Fields
Mrs. Hastings
Mr. Hastings
Mrs. Montgomery
Mr. Montgomery
Owns a coffee shop, dating Mrs. Montgomery
Dating Mrs. Marin
Split up and Montgomery's by having an affair with Mr. Montgomery
Had the baby of Mr. Fitz
Ex-fiancee of Mr. Fitz
Mr. Fitz' son that he didn't know about
Works in a costume shop, star in Pretty Dirty Secrets
Flies a plane, was in love with 'Vivian Darkbloom'
Stalker and murderer, killed by Emily
Emily's ex-boyfriend
The older Kahn brother
Hanna's yearbook friend

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