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'I'll finish him like a...'
'I've been...'
'I can see your _____ through those jeans'
'It's my jam. My.....'
'We know that' 'Only because I just...'
'I'm _______ running!'
'Hi my name is Lilly and I was born with...'
'I'm here for one reason. I really love...'
'I'm not a total nerd. I also happen to be very into....'
'The smell of your weird is affecting my...'
'Who would be easier to sleep with, Captain America or a...'
'Sometimes I think I should do crystal meth, then I think, nah....'
*cough* '____'
'And then again maybe I didn't, because I got hit by....'
'Leave it. It fuels my...'
'I set fires to fuel joy.' 'That's...'
'That's not a real word, but keep trying...'
'Synchronized lady-dancing to ____ chart toppers is not lame!'
'Even though some of you are pretty thin, you're all got....'
'We all know where this is going...'
'That oath was serious?!' '_____serious'
'I might have to excuse myself to go freshen up the...'
'Yeah so _____ like you don't do it behind my back.'
'Yeah, no, don't put me down for...'
'You guys are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard, your....'
'Nothing makes a woman feel more like a girl than a man who...'
'Women are about as good at a-cappela as they are at being...'
'I'm also good at modern dance, olden dance, and...'
'That's a good idea, I have _______'s number.'
'Girl power...'
'Not a good enough reason to use to word...'
'The _____ has been unleashed!'
'No english. Yes english. Just tell me...'
'What? You have juice pouches and....'
'Damn. Prison....'
'We do it without any instruments. It's all from our...'
'If I could sing a lick, in any human way possible, I would. But I can't, and I hate myself....'
'Well, well, well, look who's in....'
'Well at least it's not...'
'The __ girl is back.'
'I've wrestled crocodiles and ____ simultaneously.'
'It's pretty cool, actually. We're just...'
'Acascuse me?' 'Aca...'
'Chloe, could you please get your head out of your a**? It's not a...'
'And here's your official BU Rape Whistle. Don't blow it unless its...'
'Is your dad a...'
'I'm not drunk, you're just...'
'Oh, no, dad, I don't actually care. I just wanted to say...'
'Campus police, hide your...'
'Kimmy Jin is my friend. '_____'
'She didn't lose it, John, we know exactly where it is. It's all over the...'
'I can't take you seriously until you cover your...'
'I'm the best singer in Tazmania. With...'
'You know chances are one of us is a lesbian. I'm betting on...'
'So maybe we could exchange ____ and totally hang out sometime.'
'Bumper Allen, who has recently released his own line of sports...'

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