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Military, RankNameHint
UK, SergeantPlayable British protagonist
UK, CaptainRescued in Bavarian Chateau
UK, PrivateProtagonist's radio operator
UK, Tank CommanderPlayable British character
UK, CaptainCommanding Officer at the Battle of El Daba
UK, PrivateWhile in a jeep he's hit by a German Army Truck and dies
UK, SergeantHelps protagonist reach Captain through trenches
UK, CorporalHelps protagonist reach Captain through trenches
UK, CorporalDies blowing up German fuel and ammunition
UK, SergeantSeen entering El Daba on Opel Blitz
UK, CorporalHe was one of the 4 survivors of the Matmata
UK, n/a'You hear that x got sent home?' 'Lucky bastard.' 'That 'lucky bastard' lost his leg!'
Russian, PrivatePlayable Russian protagonist
Russian, ComissarSupervises Combat Training
Russian, Lieutenant13th Division Unit Leader
Russian, LieutenantOrders destruction of German building with TNT
Russian, PrivateOrdered to bait the German Sniper with his helmet
US, CorporalPlayable American protagonist
US, LieutenantProtagonist's Squad Leader
US, PrivateRadio Operator, Dog Five
US, PrivateBrowning gunner during attack on Beaumont-Hague
US, LieutenantBriefs Dog Company in Higgins Boat
US, LieutenantCouldn't come up with a plan while under fire
US, PrivateDies in Beaumont-Hague
US, ColonelPromotes protagonist's squad leader, Baker Six
Military, RankNameHint
US, PrivateDies at Beaumont-Hague
US, PrivateAids the protagonist's squad in every battle
US, PrivateRadio Operator for Dog Company
US, PrivateDragged up the beach, killed by MG42
US, PrivateKilled by artillery while defending Hill 400
US, PrivateDefends inside the bunker on Hill 400
US, SergeantWaits for medic inside Hill 400 bunker
US, PrivateRadio Operator on Pointe-Du-Hoc
US, PrivateUses Comp B to blow open gate on the Pointe
US, PrivateKilled in a crossfire in Hamburger Alley
US, PrivateHelps clear Beaumont-Hague
US, PrivateAids protagonist in every battle
US, PrivateHelps secure Hill 400
US, CorporalHelps secure Hill 400, wounded in bunker
US, PrivateKilled by falling German soldier while climbing rope up the Pointe
US, PrivateDies manning a Browning
US, PrivateKilled by Tiger Tank in Wallender
US, PrivateMisses MG42 with Panzerschrek and hits adjacent building
US, PrivateDestroys Silo with Flak 88 in Beaumont-Hague
US, PrivateLeads the charge on Hill 400 due to the Lieutenant's indecisiveness
US, PrivateAids protagonist in every battle
US, PrivateDefends Flak 88 in Beaumont-Hague
US, PrivateHelps secure Beaumont-Hague
US, PrivateKilled during counter-attack on Beaumont-Hague
US, PrivateSuppresses tunnel from trenches on the Pointe, killed by infantry leaving the tunnel
Military, RankNameHint
US, PrivateOverwhelmed and killed defending the first trench on the Pointe
US, PrivateKilled in crossfire in the tunnel on the Pointe
US, PrivateSurrounded and killed leaving the hamlet
US, PrivateKilled on the beach landing in Wallender
US, PrivateAids protagonist in every battle
US, PrivateWounded in Hill 400 Bunker
US, PrivateMounts Browning M1919 in Hamlet
US, PrivateKilled by artillery fire on Hill 400
US, PrivateMedic giving suppressing fire on a MG42 on the Pointe
US, PrivateAids protagonist during attack on the Pointe
US, PrivateSecures and defends Hill 400, killed by Tiger tank
US, PrivateShot in head after landing on the Pointe
US, PrivateBrings McCloskey his ammunition in Beaumont-Hague after Braeburn forgets it
US, PrivateAids protagonist in all battles
US, PrivateHelps secure and defend Hill 400
US, PrivateHelps secure and defend Hill 400
US, PrivateHelps take out Flak 88 in Beaumont-Hague
US, PrivateDies clearing out the church
US, PrivateKilled by MG42 defending the roadblock
US, PrivateSets up Browning on sandbags on Hill 400 and dies in counter-attack
US, PrivateKilled clearing German HQ
US, PrivateDefends roadblock on the Pointe
US, PrivateKilled by MG42 while running out of Bergstein

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