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Staff SergeantProtagonist
Staff SergeantParalyzed by a mortar shell in a Cafe
Private First ClassSniped in the head atop Carentan's Cathedral tower
PrivateGets in a fight during a patrol, killed by a shot to the chest and bleeds out
PrivateGets in a fight during a patrol, killed by a shot to the head
CorporalBase of Fire Team Leader, of Czech descent. Survives the war
CorporalPassed up for promotion to Sergeant 4 times
Private First ClassProtects special weapon team while they're reloading
Private First ClassRadio Operator during Battle of Normandy, killed by tank while shouting 'Take Me'
PrivateTorso ripped open as he's hit by Stuka Dive Bomber
Private First ClassVery young
PrivateScout team, sniped in the neck
PrivateScout team, killed by Flak during the drop
Technician 5th GradeRadio Operator for Operation Market Garden
Private First ClassMG Gunner and bazooka wielder
Private First ClassEnglish bastard, intrigued by the 'Death Pistol'
Private First ClassMG and Bazooka loader
PrivateLied about his age to join the army, killed trying to save a Dutch girl
CorporalUnable to speak after hit by mortar shell in cafe
Private First ClassKilled by gunfire from a burning building
Private First ClassKilled by shrapnel to the chest after a Panzer fires nearby
SergeantDubbed as 'Mr. Deathwish'. Takes over 2nd squad
PrivateAssault team
Private First ClassKilled by mortar shell after it hits cafe
Private First ClassComplains about 'Carrying a 20lb gun around all day'
Lieutenant ColonelSniped in the head while laying signal panels
Lieutenant ColonelCO for 1st battalion
Lieutenant ColonelInterviews soldiers after Battle of Normandy
First SergeantKnown as Lt. Col's assistant, has his own '**** list'
SergeantVaporised as he's hit by a Panzer
SergeantTank commander, killed by MG42 while holding 'Death Pistol'
ColonelFire Team Leader
SergeantCommander of 2nd Squad, killed on D-Day
SergeantKilled by MG42 on Purple Heart Lane bridge
Private First ClassCoughing up blood in First Bad News
CorporalHolding rushing blood from a bullet wound in First Bad News
n/aGlider pilot killed by Stuka in Purple Heart Lane
Private First ClassParatrooper
PrivateKilled by a bullet to the throat on Hill 30
PrivateKilled on Hill 30
PrivateWriggling around holding a bullet wound at Hill 30
Private82nd Infantry Division member
PrivatePlatoon gunner, killed at Hill 30
Technician 5th GradeLt. Col's Radio Operator, killed by mortar after he doesn't keep his head down
CorporalLands in tree, parachute snares him and crushes his windpipe
n/aSeen lying dead, stabbed in the chest in 'The Crack of Dawn'.
CaptainFox Company CO, sniped at the beginning of Foucarville Blockade
Lieutenant GeneralCommander of 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment
Lieutenant ColonelCommander of 2nd Battalion of 502nd Infantry Regiment
n/aBritish soldier seen wearing KIA soldier's jacket
Technician 4th GradeMedic

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