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CaptainIntelligence Officer
Second LieutenantField commissioned after the Battle of Foy
Technical SergeantTraumatized after the loss of his 3 best friends during the Battle of the Bulge
Private First ClassGrew cynical about the war, and wrote to his mother to 'not worry if he got killed'
Staff SergeantLeg amputated after being struck by a mortar
Technician 4th GradeCollected watches from dead Germans
Staff SergeantWounded during the Battle of Nuenen and waited the night in a Dutch barn
Technician 4th GradeCombat medic
CaptainTook command of Easy company during the Battle of Foy
Technician 5th GradeJewish translator, executed Nazi camp commander out of anger
PrivateBecomes hysterically blind during the Battle of Carentan
Colonel'I ought to have you all shot! This is nothing less than an act of mutiny before the goddamn invasion of Europe!'
CaptainRelieved of command of Easy Company before D-Day
SergeantKIA by German artillery raid in the Ardennes Forest
PrivateWounded by AA shrapnel in the plane before the D-Day drop
1st LieutenantReplacement leader for Second Platoon
1st LieutenantRelieved of command of Easy Company during the Battle of Foy
1st LieutenantKIA after being shot down on D-Day
1st LieutenantShot through the buttocks while participating in Operation Market Garden
PrivateKIA in a jeep accident after guarding a crossroad checkpoint
Technician 4th GradeKnown for his comedy and impressions
Staff SergeantRight leg blown off by artillery in the Ardennes Forest
Private First ClassKIA after stepping on a land mine during the attack on the Brecourt manor guns
1st LieutenantEasy company's 1st Platoon leader
First SergeantKIA after being shot down on D-Day
Staff SergeantReceived a letter detailing the death of a squadmate's brother in Monte Casino
Staff SergeantShot in the head by a drunken I company replacement
1st Lieutenant'...he's seen too many war movies...' and '...thinks that he has to yell all the time'
Private First ClassKIA by German artillery raid in the Ardennes Forest
CorporalKIA after a Luger discharged in his pocket and tore his main artery
PrivateKIA by a shot to the head during the Battle of Nuenen
Private First ClassMachine gunner replacement for Easy company
Private First ClassWounded and KIA by a burst of machine gun fire during the Battle of Nuenen
CorporalKIA by a rifle grenade at a Dutch crossroads
2nd LieutenantKIA near Eindhoven during Operation Market Garden
Technician 5th GradeReplacement after Operation Overlord
1st LieutenantOrdered to flank around during the Battle of Foy
Technical SergeantMachine gunner
SergeantAfter clearing a house, a mortar shell exploded near him when he was standing in the doorway. His right eye was destroyed and his legs were severely burned.
Private First ClassReplacement eager to see action until antagonised by squadmate
Staff SergeantVictim of 'The Night of the Bayonet', requested a demotion from First Sergeant
SergeantShot in the buttocks while attacking Brecourt Manor
PrivatePerpetrator of 'The Night of the Bayonet'
SergeantDemoted to Private after leading a mutiny
Private First ClassJeep driver
Staff SergeantWent AWOL to rejoin Easy Company before Operation Market Garden
PrivateWas hit in his shoulder by shrapnel that pierced the back of that shoulder and punctured his lung
Staff SergeantBest shot in Easy Company. Noticed a tree in the distant forest that was not there just the day before. The 'tree' was ultimately discovered to be a camouflaged German artillery piece.
CorporalInitially paralysed by a wound in the Ardennes Forest but recovered
Lieutenant ColonelExecutive Officer of the 506th PIR
PrivateLooted two of Hitler's personal photo albums
CorporalKIA by a sniper during the Battle of Foy
Technician 5th GradeBazooka firer
SergeantAsked the men if they 'Wanted to buy a good watch'
CorporalWIA by a sniper after the Battle of Foy
CorporalExcellent shot, worst garrison soldier
SergeantWrote 'The Night of the Bayonet' and 'Who hung the gun on One-Lung McClung?'
SergeantWIA attacking the crossroads
SergeantSurvived D-Day without firing a single shot.
1st LieutenantWIA, shot in the throat while advancing into Eindhoven
SergeantCompany clerk after being WIA by a tree burst to the leg
Staff SergeantDemoted and transferred after leading a mutiny
SergeantThreatened a German brain surgeon after refusing to operate on a squadmate
1st LieutenantAccidentally shot by one of his own men while on patrol
PrivateSeriously wounded by grenade shrapnel and died shortly after
SergeantKIA by a ceiling collapsing on him after being hit by an artillery shell
PrivateFeet were wrapped in burlap bags because he had turned in his boots for repair and had no boots to wear in Bastogne
Private First ClassWIA by shrapnel to the head in Carentan
1st Lieutenant'A sincere and by-the-book officer, but not a soldier'
Private First ClassUpon landing, he had a concussion and cracked three vertebrae when his helmet hit his head, although he did not know it at the time.
SergeantOne of the 'Three Hillbillies'
Sergeant'Was a nice boy, so you blamed him for the devilment, because nobody believe it'.
SergeantTaylor was shot in his leg in Foy and was sent to an aid station. The wound was serious enough to end his participation in the war. He then spent 11 months in hospitals for his injury.

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