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This quiz will test your knowledge and spelling for names used in Oldschool RuneScape. Try not to use any other sources to help you out! Questions get harder as you progress the quiz.

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What is the starter city and is the start for many novice quests such as Cook's Assistant?This city is where you spawn on a new account.
Also known as the capital of Kandarin, which city is known for its Thieving training with its many stalls?This city is separated west and east.
Which skill do you level up in order defend better against enemies?
Which quest is required to start in order to access Waterbirth Island?
This potion gives the highest possible boost in Magic.It is only usable in the Nightmare Zone.
These can only be killed when you achieve a minimum of level 72 Slayer.They are found in the Asgarnian Ice Dungeon.
This fish requires 82 Fishing to catch and can heal above maximum HP.They are native to Zeah and require sandworms as bait.
This is the name of the colony where monkfish can be caught.This is the main location for the Swag Song quest.
This is the secondary ingredient to create a stamina potion.This crystal is only available from the shop owned by Grace.
This desert town is known for its training in Thieving through blackjacking.It is northwest of Nardah and is a location that can be visited by magic carpets.
This herb is used in many high level herblore potions including the super combat potion and anti-venom+.They require 85 Farming to grow.
Which slayer master requires a minimum of combat level 40 to acquire slayer tasks from?He is the combat trainer on Tutorial Island.
This town is located directly northeast of the Fishing Guild and west of the Ranging Guild.It is a main location for the quest Fishing Contest.
He is the person to talk to in order to receive the rewards from the Kandarin Diary.
What is the name that contains all of Runescape?The name starts with a 'g'.
This weapon is very useful against Vampyres and is created using a sapphire, mithril bar, and silver bar with a rod clay mould.This is given to Veliaf in the In Aid of the Myreque quest.
This spell used in the Ancient Magicks spellbook teleports a player to the Edgeville Dungeon.The word 'teleport' is required as an answer as the second word.
What is the name of the animal that you can tease and trap with a pitfall in the Hunter skill?They are located in the Rellekka Hunter area.
Who do you need to talk to in order to unlock the fairy ring in Zeah?
What is the province that contains all the elves, including Isafdar, Prifddinas, and Lletya?

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