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Can you name missing words to The Twisted Chipmunk Song by Bob Rivers? *see note*

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Dave: All right you _____,
ready to _____ your new song?
Chipmunk: I'll _____ we are.
Let's get this _____ with.
Dave: 'Okay _____?' Chipmunk: 'Okay.'
Dave: 'Okay _____?' Chipmunk: 'Okay.'
Dave: 'Okay _____? Melvin? MEEELLLLVIIIINNNNN!!!'
Chipmunk: 'Relax old _____, Jesus'
_____ chipmunks sing each year.
Squeaky _____ hurt your ears.
We'll sing _____ till Christmas past.
Hurry Christmas _____ real fast
We're a pain to _____ to.
Been _____ since '62
You could hardly _____ us then
Now here we _____ again
Dave: 'Ah _____, excuse me
Hold it, _____ you guys'
You can _____ stand to hear
Three weasels every _____.
Dave: All right, you _____ that's not how it goes boys.
Melvin: Ah, that's how it _____ now, pops.
Dave: Let's cool it with the ad-_____
and give it one _____ try.
Melvin: I'm _____, who's the artist here?
Dave: You know you guys could all be used in shampoo _____.
Chipmunks: What would you know about _____?
Nice _____.
Oh yeah, that _____ real.
Dave: I tell you Melvin, I got a _____
in the research _____ that would
pay top _____ for a gerbil like you.
Melvin: Could he get me some _____?
Dave: You want an ear _____ out of your back pal?
Melvin: You _____ dare.
Chipmunk: Let's shake and _____ man.
Dave: You want me to let the _____ in here.
I'll _____ it.
I've been wanting to do it for _____.
Melvin: _____ impressive.
Dave: That goes for _____ of ya!
That's it, I'm going to fire up the _____.
Oooooh, Ariva derci _____
You _____ jerk

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