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Can you name the TV Shows, TV Characters, and TV Actors with the initials AJ-ZJ?

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Character: Gary Coleman role in Diff'rent Strokes.AJ
Actor: Played Cooter on the Dukes of Hazzard.BJ
TV Show: Crime-drama with Jill Hennessy as a Boston medical examiner.CJ
Actor: Detective James Crockett on Miami Vice, Nash Bridges on... Nash Bridges.DJ
Actor: Detective Luke Callaghan on Rookie Blue, Flash Gordon on... Flash Gordon.EJ
Character: The wisecracking maid played by Marla Gibbs on the show with 'GJ' and 'LJ'.FJ
Character: Sherman Hemsley patriarch of an 'All in the Family' spin-off.GJ
Character: Bethany Joy Lenz's One Tree Hill Character... before she was 16.HJ
TV Show: Small claims court show, and nonsense will let you feel her wrath.JJ
Actress: Sabrina Duncan on Charlie's Angels (70s), Amanda King on... Scarecrow and Mrs. King.KJ
Character: Wife of 'GJ' played by Isabel Sanford.LJ
Writer: Writer, producer, and voices in King of the Hill and Beavis and Butt-head.MJ
Character: Owner of the Double R Diner on Twin Peaks, played by Peggy Lipton.NJ
Actor: MadTV from 1995-2003 and Frank Irving on Sleepy Hollow.OJ
Character: Simon Baker 'psychic' who works with the CBI, while trying to find his wife's killer.PJ
Judge: One of the original 3 American Idol judges, Dawg!RJ
Character: Kim Cattrall nymphomaniac in Sex and the City.SJ
Character: 30 Rock Tracy Morgan actor-character. TJ
Actress: Had breakout role as Janae Watson on Orange is the New Black.VJ
Character: Brother of 'AJ' played by Todd Bridges.WJ
Actress: Betsy Putch in 'The Mindy Project', Poppy in 'Huge'ZJ

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