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Can you name the TV Shows, TV Characters, and TV Actors with the initials AG-ZG?

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Show: Game show that tests contestants' strength and endurance while trying to avoid Zap and Turbo.AG
Character: Drunken patron of Moe's Tavern. 'Buuuuuuuurp!'BG
Character: Son of 'PG' of 'FG', and the part of Luke Skywalker in 3 episodes.CG
Character: Hank Hill's neighbor, the exterminator.DG
Actor: Best known for playing Sophia Petrillo on 'GG'.EG
Show: Animated series since 1999 taking place in Quahog Rhode Island.FG
Show: 1985-92 comedy featuring four divorced/widowed older women as roommatesGG
Character: Partner of Nick Burkhardt in Grimm. (No relation to any 'FG' character.)HG
Actor: Played Andy Torres in Cougar Town, married to Nia Vardalos.IG
Actor: Biggest role was Hurley on 'Lost', also Jerry Ortega on Hawaii Five-O.JG
Actor: Played Frasier Crane, voiced Sideshow Bob.KG
Actor: Lorelai in the Gilmore Girls, Sarah in Parenthood.LG
Actor: Played the troublemaker Zack Morris on Saved By the Bell.MG
Show: The story of Jess, who lives with three single men.NG
Actor: Cuba's younger brother, Anthony Stallworth on Family Time.OG
Character: 'FG' patriarch, and the part of Han Solo in 3 episodesPG
Character: Either of two main Friends characters with these initials.RG
Character: Younger son of 'PG', and the part of Darth Vader in 3 episodes.SG
Actor: Played Eric Forman on That 70s Show.TG
Character: The woman who made Emily Thorne be out for 'Revenge'.VG
Character: Josh Charles character that helped 'The Good Wife' get her job with the firm.WG

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