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Can you name the TV Shows, TV Characters, and TV Actors with the initials AF-ZF?

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Character: These Happy Days are yours and mine..... aaaay!AF
Character: John Cleese title character who owns a hotel (tower).BF
Actress: Starred in all 112 episodes of Ally McBeal... oh yeah, she was Ally McBeal.CF
Character: CSI: New York detective played by Eddie Cahill.DF
Character: Carmela Soprano on The Sopranos.EF
Show: The top 3 answers are on the board. What is the best gameshow?FF
TV Chef: Host of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.GF
Show: Series starting in 1968 with Jack Lord. Series remake in 2010 with Alex O'LoughlinHF
Character: Writer and sleuth played by Angela Lansbury.JF
Host: Current co-host since 2005 for Entertainment Tonight.KF
Actor: The stooge with the bushy hair.LF
Actor: His character survived the Oceanic Flight 815 crash and became leader of the survivors.MF
Character: Oakily Dokily Neighborino.NF
Actress: She played Nadia in Vampire Diaries... no relation to Henry, Peter, or Jane.OF
Actor: He played humble and bumbling Lieutenant Columbo from 1971-2003PF
Character: Glee character played by Dianna Agron.QF
Show: James Garner is an ex-con who becomes a private investigator.RF
Producer: Creater, writer, and producer of the many 'Idol' series.SF
Actress: Saturday Night Live comedienne who played Liz Lemon in 30 Rock.TF
Character: Famous bald, hunch-backed character played by Jackie Coogan.UF
Mini-Series: 1998 adaptation of a William Thackeray novel.VF
Character: Skinny red-head. Daughter of Pearl, wife of Fred, friend of Betty.WF
Show: Series that ran from 1993-2002, then made a return in 2016 for 6 episodes.XF
Actress: Best-known role is Haleh Adams on ER.YF
Character: The teenage son of Alicia and Peter on The Good Wife.ZF

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