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Can you name the TV Shows, TV Characters, and TV Actors with the initials AE-ZE?

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Character: Father of 'CE' and 'DE', played by Judd Hirsch.AE
Actress: Do you dream of her... or at least her main character?BE
Character: The FBI mathematician brother on Numb3rs.CE
Character: The FBI investigation brother on Numb3rs.DE
Actor: Played Officer Frank Poncherello on CHiPs.EE
Show: Food Network cooking with a side of comedy by Alton Brown.GE
Actor: Dr. Watters on Chicago Hope. Also played Tim Allen's boss on Last Man Standing.HE
Show: Alternative news show since 1988, hosted by Deborah Norville.IE
Character: Oil magnate played by Larry Hagman. Give this answer a Shot.JE
Actress: Maureen Scofield on Close to Home, Sloan Hayes on Hit the Floor.KE
Actor: Dr. Cuddy on House, Abby on Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce.LE
Show: 'He'll give you the answer that you'll endorse. He's always on a steady course.'ME
Show: A newly graduated doctor is required to set up his practice in an eccentric Alaskan town.NE
Actor: Biggest television role was Dr. Foreman on House.OE
Actor: Played Will Scarlett in the 1955-1960 Adventures of Robin Hood.PE
Show: Shortened name of reality show where 5 gay men do makeovers on straight men.QE
Actor: Played Tom Keen on The Blacklist and Ryan Matthews on 90210.RE
Show: 1982-1988 drama set in a Boston teaching hospital called St. Eligius.SE
Character: Played by Logan Huffman. He's the son of the main character on 'V'.TE
Character: Not related to 'JE', Joan Van Ark's character on Knots Landing.VE
Actor: Played Will on 'The New Lassie', now is Officer Jamie Reagan on Blue Bloods.WE

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