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Can you name the TV Shows, TV Characters, and TV Actors with the initials AC-ZC?

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Show: Discovery channel series with Paul Teutul Sr. and Jr. with custom motorcycles.AC
Show: Children's show with Steve Burns, a puppy, and children you never see.BC
Actress: Jules Cobb on Cougar Town and Monica Geller on Friends.CC
Actor: Had his own TV show, but now is the host of a daytime game show.DC
Actor: Played Don Flack on CSI: NY, also found himself trapped in Chester's Mill. EC
Character: Origially from Cheers, he moved to Seattle where he's a radio psychologist.FC
Character: His parents were the creators of Festivus.GC
Character: Head of the CSI team in Miami.HC
Show: Origianlly a Japanese cooking competition, then came to America starring various Food Network stars. IC
Character: Mom to Wally and 'TC'. Married to Ward. Sister of Peggy.JC
Actor: He played Mike Seaver on Growing Pains.KC
Show: Show that had the audience match up a single woman and man. But is it bachelor #1, 2, or 3?LC
Character: Mischa Barton's role on the OC. MC
Character: 'FC''s younger brother, played by David Hyde Pierce.NC
Show: In 1970, they were Klugman and Randall. In 2015, they are Perry and Lennon.OC
Show: Judges have been Wapner, Koch, Sheindlin, and Milian.PC
Host: Host of The Family Feud between Richard Dawson and Richard Dawson.RC
Character: 'Penny..... Penny..... Penny.....'SC
Character: Leave it to you to know Beaver's real name.TC
Show: It's a fictional lingerie company. The Kirstie Alley character that owns it will work too.VC
Character: Looney Toon that fails to catch the roadrunner or Bugs Bunny. 'Pure genius.'WC
Actress: Played the original Batgirl from 1967-68.YC
Actor: Soap operas: Oliver Jones in The Bold and the Beautiful and James Spaulding in Guiding Light.ZC

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