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Can you name the TV Shows, TV Characters, and TV Actors with the initials AB-ZB?

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Character: Can you guess who this character is... Meathead?AB
Show: Here's the story of a lovely lady...BB
Actress: Played Daisy Duke in the Dukes of Hazzard. And don't say Jessica Simpson.CB
Actress: Played Suzanne Sugarbaker on Designing Women.DB
Character: 'Maybe the dingo ate your baby.'EB
Character: Ursine member of the Muppets.FB
Character: The oldest son on 'BB' played by Barry Williams.GB
Actor: Played the father Ward on Leave It To Beaver.HB
Actor: Played Morgan Tookers on The Mindy Project.IB
Character: From 2001-2010, he saved America from terrorists, one day at a time.JB
Character: Rick Castle's novel character, Nikki Heat, was based on her.KB
Show: 1977-1987. Series with Gavin MacLeod, Bernie Kopell, and Ted Lange.LB
Show/Character: 1988-1998. Television journalist played by Candice Bergen.MB
Show: 1993-2005. Manhattan's 15th precinct with Dennis Franz and Gordon Clapp.NB
Character: Keeping the streets of South Park safe.OB
Show: 2005-2009. Lincoln Burrows and Michael Scofield try to escape Death Row.PB
Actress: Summer Roberts on The O.C., Dr. Zoe on Hart of Dixie.RB
Actor or Character: Lead actor on Quantum Leap, or the character he played.SB
Actor: 1974-1981, the 4th Doctor.TB
Show: The title character is played by America.UB
Actress: Played the angel, Gloria on Touched By An Angel. Played Melanie Moretti on Hot in Cleveland.VB
Character: The institutionalized scientist on Fringe played by John Noble.WB
Actor: Played many authentic Native American characters, but was not one himself. Ex: Yancey Derringer.XB
Actress: Played Caroline Holden on Baywatch, and Caitlin Cross on Nash Bridges.YB
Actor: Played the oldest son Brad on Home Improvement.ZB

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