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Can you name the athletes with the initials AH-ZH?

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NFL: 2010-12 Patriots TE with 1,956 yds and 18 TDs, then got in trouble.AH
NHL: HOF father/son combo that racked up over 2,500 NHL pts, 5 MVPs, and 3 Stanley Cups. (Either)BH
MLB: HOF Pitcher for the A's and Yankees. 224 wins, 3.26 ERA, won 1974 Cy Young.CH
NHL: Goalie for Sabres and Red Wings. 234 wins, 2 Stanley Cups, 2 MVPs, and 6x top goalie.DH
Boxing: 44-10 record and undisputed cruiserweight and heavyweight champion. He was definitely the Real Deal.EH
MLB: Mariners King pitcher with 154 wins, 3.18 ERA, and 2,264 Ks through 2016.FH
NHL: HOF 25 year RW for the Red Wings. 786/1023 goals/assists. 4 Stanley cups and 6 MVPs.GH
WWF: 6x WWF champion, 6x WCW champion, 1st wrestler to win back to back Royal Rumbles in 1990 and 1991.HH
NFL: 1997-2008 WR for the Giants and Bucs. 6,400 yds and 35 TDs.IH
NFL/NCAA: Michigan Wolverines QB, then coach. Also had 14 years as QB in the NFL and coach of the 49ers.JH
NASCAR: Dale Earnhardt Sr's replacement. Has 35 wins and 2014 Sprint Cup championship.KH
Gymnastics: Won gold on 2016 US olympic team and silver on Balance Beam.LH
NFL: 1996-2008 HOF WR for the Colts. 128 TDs mostly from Peyton Manning. Led league in yards twice.MH
NBA: (2002-) C/PF for the Nuggets, Wizards, and Rockets. 2,700+ blks, and .548 career FG%. Known mainly by first name.NH
MLB: 1983-2000 pitcher for the Dodgers and Indians. Won Cy Young and WS in 1988. Has WS, NLCS, and ALCS MVPs.OH
NFL: 1998-2005 RB for the Ravens and Chiefs. 8,100 yds and 86 TDs before injuries ended his career.PH
MLB: 1915-37 HOF infielder for the Cardinals, Cubs, and Browns. .358 avg, 2,930 hits, 2 MVPs, 2 triple crowns, 7 batting titles.RH
Ice Skating: Norwegian woman who won 3 straight singles olympic golds from 1928-36.SH
MLB: Closer mainly for the Padres and 2nd place for career saves with 601. Led league twice.TH
NBA: Power forward for the Heat since 2003.UH
NHL: 1961-77 LW for the Rangers and Penguins. 323/389 goals/assists, 1,036 PIM (led league once)VH
MLB: Manager from 1973-90 for the Royals and Cardinals, leading the Cards to the 1982 championship.WH
MLB: 1989-1998 relief pitcher for the Astros, Reds, and Rangers. 7th and 8th inning specialist.XH

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