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NHL: (2006-) D for the Canucks. Over 200 assists and almost 300 total. AE
NASCAR: Dawsonville driver with 55 poles, 44 wins (2 Daytona 500s), and the 1988 Winston Cup champion.BE
Tennis: 1972-1989 USA, Won 157 titles, including 18 grand slam titles. Achieved career grand slam twice.CE
NASCAR: The Intimidator! 76 wins and 428 top 10s. 7 time Winston Cup Champion.DE
MLB: Played for Reds but broke out with the Blue Jays. 310 career HR and an RBI title in 2016. 2017: joins the Indians.EE
NFL: 1988-1994 TE for the Dolphins and Seahawks. 12 TD and 2 pro-bowl selections.FE
NFL: 1980-1986 RB for the Packers. 3,800+ yards and 25 TDs.GE
MLB: 1915-1930 for the Tigers, Red Sox, and A's.166-166, 3.75 ERA, 1,000+ Ks, 1 no-hitter HE
NFL: 1983-1998 QB for the Broncos. HOF, MVP, 50K+ yds, 300 TDs. Ended career with 2 super bowl wins.JE
MLB: 1997-2009 SP for the Blue Jays and Angels. 101-91, 4.15 ERA, 1,300+ Ks. KE
NFL: 2004-2011 WR for the Bills. 6000 yds and 43 TDs. LE
NBA: (2005-) for the Warriors, Bucks, Mavs, and Pacers. 14K pts, 2,800 rbs, 3,700 asts, and 1,300 stealsME
MLB: (2011-) SP for Dodgers and Marlins. Broke out in 2015 for Yankees with 23-11 record for two seasons. On Rays for beyond 2017 but will miss season.NE
NHL: (2010-) D for the Coyotes. 242 pts and 300+ PIM. First part of last name accepted.OE
NHL: 1963-1981 C for the Blackhawks, Bruins, and Rangers. HOF, 2x MVP, 2 time champ, 717-873 goals-assists. 6x goal leader, 3x assist leader.PE
NFL: 1988-1999 WR for Chargers, Saints, Bills, and Jets. 6,448 yds and 40 TDs.QE
NHL: 1963-1981 RW for the Maple Leafs. 332 goals and 308 assists. 1967 cup champion.RE
Tennis: 1983-1996 Sweden. Won 41 titles, including 6 grand slams. Missed French for career GS. SE
MLB: GM who broke a 86 year drought. President of Baseball Operations who broke a 108 year drought.TE
NFL: 1977-1995 QB for the Bears and Raiders. 9,485 yds and 52 TDs.VE
NBA: 1958-1969 C for the Royals, Celtics, and Bucks. 10K+ pts, 7,500+ rbs, 1,100 asts.WE
MLB: (2007-) SS/3B for Braves, Jays, Rays, Nats, and Angels. .283 avg, 1,400+ hits.YE
NFL: (2013-) TE for the Eagles. 2,800+ yds and 13 TDsZE

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