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Song: 1989 'Don't anyone wake me, if it's just a dream. 'Cause she's the best thing ever happened to me.'AE
Band: Sang a 1989 #1 song. Get it and I can see you smile, and you can face the world.BE
Singer: Member of a famous 1960s quartet that sang #1s 'Monday Monday' and 'Dream a Little Dream of Me'.CE
Song: Last track on Bob Dylan's 1985 album 'Empire Burlesque'.DE
Composer: Well-known for 'Land of Hope and Glory', aka 'Pomp and Circumstance (The Graduation March)' in the U.S.EE
Song: Track #7 on Enya's album 'A Day Without Rain'.FE
Singer: Had 4 U.S. #1 songs in the 80s with The Miami Sound Machine, added 20 more U.S. #1s as a solo artist.GE
Song: #2 song in 1987 for Eric Carmen. 'I feel the magic between you and I'.HE
Band: Heavy metal band orginally known as Purgatory. Biggest hits were 'The Reckoning' and 'I Walk Among You'.IE
Band: 1990-2000s synthpop/electropop band. Sounds like a utility company.JE
Song: From Emerson, Lake, and Palmer's self-titled album. Contains a Bach instrumental in the middle.KE
Song: The true second verse of this 1975 song starts, 'On the other side of town a boy is waiting.'LE
Singer: 1990-2000s female rocker with #1s 'I'm the Only One' and top 10 'Come to My Window'.ME
Band: Early 80s band known for 'Always Something There To Remind Me' and 'Promises, Promises'.NE
Band: Known for bubblegum pop music. Had sweet songs of 'Yummy Yummy Yummy', 'Chewy, Chewy', and 'Sweeter Than Sugar'.OE
Song: Rockwell's 'Somebody's Watching Me' could be a response to this Hall & Oates song.PE
Song: Top 10 song in 1986 for Golden Earring. The sense and the organs don't quite match though.QE
Song: #1 Contemporary Christian hit for Avalon in 1999.RE
Singer: Duet with Kenny Rogers on 'We've Got Tonight', and James Bond theme song, 'For Your Eyes Only'.SE
Song: They 'have seen a lot of loves But they're never gonna see another one like I had with you.' Guess Who.... er... what.TE
Song: 1996 song by Guided By Voices from the album, 'Under the Bushes, Under the Stars'. KABOOM!UE
Song: 1987 song by Jethro Tull added to the CD, 'Crest of a Knave', not on the LP.WE
Song: 1979 song by Kiss from the album, 'Dynasty'XE
Song: Top 10 country song for Keith Urban in 2000. 'All that you've been dreaming of and more. So much more. I wanna be...' YE

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