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Can you name the movies, movie characters, and movie actors, etc., with the initials AJ-ZJ?

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Actress: She has played an evil queen, a monster's mother, and a video game adventuress.AJ
Character: British woman looking for love and keeping a diary of it.BJ
Character: Only Bond Girl to win the Razzie's Golden Raspberry. Also voted worst Bond Girl by Entertainment Weekly in 2008.CJ
Movie: 1999 revenge movie with Ashley Judd and 'TJ'DJ
Actor: He was Cheddar Bob in '8 Mile' and Martz in 'The Book of Eli.'EJ
Actress: She was Jyn Erso in 'Rogue One and Jane Hawking in 'The Theory of Everything'.FJ
Movie: Demi Moore trains to be a Navy Seal.GJ
Actor: He's played a hacker, a vampire-hunter, a healing mutant, and a famous pirate.HJ
Character: Some of his recoveries include a cross, a cup, a chest, and a stone.IJ
Actor: Some of his roles include a blind former baseball player, a baseball author, and both a friend and enemy of Billy Dee Williams.JJ
Movie: McConaughey is a contract killer (and a police detective) hired by Emile Hirsch to kill his mother for insurance money.KJ
Character: 1967 Paul Newman chain-gang member.LJ
Actress: She's played a 'perfect' human, and the main character in a video game movie series, though not the one you'd think.MJ
Movie: 2014 animated adventure about squirrels, bank robbers, and cashews.NJ
Movie: 2001 animated/live action film following a policeman white blood cell and a cold pill as they try to fend off the Thrax virus.OJ
Director/Producer of the Best Picture winner of 2003.PJ
Actor: He's played Victor Frankenstein and Gomez Addams.RJ
Actor: He's played Harry, Ron, Neville, Fred, and George. He's played Paul, Elijah, and Abel, as well as Zeus and Mace.SJ
Actor: He's been a two-faced antagonist and a protagonist in black. He's chased Ford, Judd, Brolin, and Snipes. He's also been the Georgia Peach.TJ
Subtitle: The first of three, yet fourth of six, and directed/produced by 'PJ'UJ
Actor/Character: Played Steve Maryk in the Caine Mutiny/Played by George Furth in Blazing Saddles.VJ
Actor: He was Baze Malbus in 'Rogue One' and Ma Dasan in 'Devils On The Doorstep'WJ

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