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Can you name the movies, movie characters, and movie actors, etc., with the initials AH-ZH?

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Actor: He's played King of the Danes, King of the Gods (norse), a Shakespearean general, and a well known serial killer three times. AH
Movie: Elvis says 'Aloha' to the army and says 'Aloha' to a new job as a tour guide.BH
Actor: Played many historical and/or biblical figures such as Moses, John the Baptist, and Michelangelo.CH
Actor: He was the protagonist in a Crichton movie, the antagonist in a Barrie movie, and both in a newspaper comic movie.DH
Actor: He's been a DEEP sea diver, and an astronaut with the Right Stuff, not to mention 'FH' EH
Character: Marine General whose team takes hostages in a San Francisco prison with an extremely toxic gas (but for a good cause).FH
Actor: Some of his villains include President Allen Richmond, Rankin Fitch, and Little Bill Daggett... and a superman villain.GH
Movie: Bruce Willis must steal some art of Da Vinci in a blackmail plot.HH
Actor: Vito Cornelius in the Fifth Element and (Old) Bilbo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings/Hobbit series.IH
Character: Famous literary Captain played by 'DH' who kidnaps his enemy's children.JH
Actor: 4 time Best Actress Oscar winner for On Golden Pond, Lion in Winter, Guess Who's Coming to Dinner, and Morning Glory.KH
Actor: Her best known character is Sarah Conner from the Terminator movies.LH
Actor: His best known role is an orphaned farmer who comes to believe in a 'hokey religion'. MH
Subtitle: The first in a series of 7... I mean 8. And by first, I mean fourth.NH
Actor: Starred in dozens of 1930s and 1940s comedies with Stan Laurel.OH
Actor: His best known role was a crocodile hunter who travels with a reporter to New York and gets severe culture shock.PH
Movie: Christopher Lloyd tells 2 horror tales called 'Chattery Teeth' and 'The Body Politic'.QH
Character: Legendary outlaw played by Errol Flynn, Kevin Costner, Cary Elwes, Russell Crowe, and voiced by Brian Bedford.RH
Movie: Johnny Depp is a Constable who investigates mysterious decapitation murders in a small New York village.SH
Actor: He's played a 'K9' officer, a sacrifice to a volcano god, a manager of their own, a animated conductor, and a teenager... er adult.TH
Movie: 1993 Romantic Comedy with Christian Slater the busboy and Marisa Tomei the waitress.UH
Subtitle: Captain Kirk and crew travel back in time to 1986 San Francisco to search for the currently extinct humpback whale.VH
Character: 'Good' Matt Damon role, but Robin Williams won the Best Supporting Actor Oscar.WH
Movie: 1957 Drama-Thriller about a plane whose passengers and crew succumb to food poisoning. Wait, what? Not a 1980 Comedy?ZH

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