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Can you name the movies, movie characters, and movie actors, etc., with the initials AF-ZF?

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Actor: He played Dr. Hirsch in the later Bourne movies and Kincade in Skyfall.AF
Character: Clone turned bounty hunter turned lunch for the SarlaacBF
Actor: Resume includes Gremlins, The Goonies, Stand By Me, and TMNT (Donatello)CF
Movie: I had to choose this 'terrorists hijack plane' movie. Chuck Norris would find out if I didn't.DF
Character: Demolition Man- 'They thawed this guy out just to kill me? I'm flattered.'EF
Movie subtitle: Captain Kirk and crew talk to... God?FF
Movie: Joe Pesci and Danny Glover, but not Mel Gibson on a boat.GF
Actor: A smuggler for 4 movies for an archaeologist for 4 other movies.HF
Actress: Played title character Esther in 'Orphan' and Clove in 'Hunger Games'.IF
Actress: 1991 best actress in 1991 best picture.JF
Movie: 1984 Oscar winning history/drama taking place in Cambodia during the Khmer Rouge era.KF
Movie: First we met her parents, then his parents, now Greg and Pam have...LF
Actor: He's been President of the U.S., the 'Great One', and God... twice. Can he go any higher?MF
Actor: He is Ed in Shaun of the Dead and voiced Flynn the elephant seal in Ice Age: Continental Drift.NF
Actor: Played orphan Pete in the 2016 remake Pete's Dragon.OF
Movie: Travolta, Jackson, Thurman, Rhames, Willis, Roth.PF
Actor: Only he can play the most powerful dark wizard of all time, and boss James Bond around.RF
Character: Quantum of Solace bond girl.... died in a Goldfinger-style death.SF
Actor: Played Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films.TF
Movie: 1983 war movie with Nick Nolte and Gene Hackman in Nicaragua.UF
Actress: Vernita Green in Kill Bill, Jasmine in Independence Day.VF
Actor: He's a step-brother, an anchorman, an elf, and a Megamind.WF
Character: Ben Kingsley lead role in Species.XF
Movie: 'Put.... the candle.... back' 'Oh, sweet mystery of life, at last I've found you!'YF

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