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Can you name the movies, movie characters, and movie actors, etc., with the initials AD-ZD?

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Character: 'It had been a wonderful evening and what I needed now to give it the perfect ending was a bit of the old Ludwig van.'AD
Actress: Best known for playing Ellen Griswold in the Vacation series.BD
Movie: 'That's not a knife. THAT's a knife.'CD
Actor: He's played a smuggler, a siding-salesman, a large bird, and a divorce lawyer.DD
Actress: Voice of Tommy Pickles, voices in Happy Feet, and Wreck-it-Ralph. Also played Dottie in Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.ED
Movie: Michael Douglas is trying to make it to his daughter's birthday, but everyone gets in his way.FD
Actress: She's played a ghost, a baseball player, a housewife on a girls' getaway, a pirate captain, and an amnesiac.GD
Character: Played by Aaron Eckhart, he eventually evolves into Two-FaceHD
Movie: On July 2nd, they arrive. On July 3rd, they strike. On July 4th, we strike back.'ID
Character: He saved Rose from drowning, her abusive fiance, her trapped life, and drowning again.JD
Actress: She starred in Little Women and Jumanji while a teen. Later was Mary-Jane in Spider-man.KD
Actor: He's played Romeo, Howard Hughes, and Jay Gatsby, not to mention 'JD'LD
Actor: Starred in the Oceans, the Bournes, and a best picture. He was 'good' and 'saved' too. MD
Movie: I was never lucky enough to have Scarlett Johannson as my babysitter.ND
Movie: John Travolta and Robin Williams suddenly find themselves dad and uncle to a 7 year old.OD
Movie: 1977 Disney movie remade in 2016 with the title character going from classic animation to CGI.PD
Actor: He's played a shark hunter, a psychotherapist, and a family man (with an obsession about a Wyoming national monument).RD
Movie: 1959 Disney movie with Tommy Kirk remade in 2006 with Tim Allen.SD
Actor: Played James Bond in The Living Daylights and License To Kill.TD
Movie: 1966 Disney movie (not remade) where a great dane thinks he's a wiener dog.UD
Actor: He's fast, he's furious, he's been chronicled, and he's xXx rated.VD
Actor: Played supervillain Green Goblin in the 3 Spider-Man movies. Also voiced Gill in Finding Nemo/Dory.WD
All laughsXD
Movie: The British Army overestimates a South African civilization, starting a war against them, because who would win between rifles and.... spears?ZD

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