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Can you name the books, authors, and/or literature characters with the initials AB-ZB?

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Author: His best known work is 'A Clockwork Orange'.AB
Character?: Not as much a character as a futuristic dystopian surveillance system. BB
Author: One of three writing sisters, known for Jane Eyre and Shirley, and Villette.CB
Author: Mystery-thriller author known for his character Robert Langdon.DB
Author: Wrote the 'Barsoom' series, the 'Pellucidar' series, the 'Venus' series, and ... oh yeah... the 'Tarzan' series.EB
Character: Fantasy series protagonist and ring-bearer.FB
Short Story: Poe tale where a man gets bitten by insect, goes on a search for buried treasure.GB
Book: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.HB
Author: Scottish sc-fi author who wrote 'The Wasp Factory' and 'Consider Phlebas' (The Culture Novels).IB
Author: Children's writer who wrote the Fudge series along with 'Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret.'JB
Author: Sci-fi time-travel author of the Company series, including 'In The Garden of Iden' and 'The Empress of Mars'.KB
Book: The final entry to the Chronicles of Narnia.LB
Character: One of the four hobbits in the Fellowship. Best friend is Peregrin Took.MB
Author: Mystery writer who created park ranger Anna Pigeon. She's not named after her birth-state but after a novel character.NB
Book: Novel #9 in Anita Blake's Vampire Hunter series.OB
Author: Created a series called 'The House of Earth. Most know of the Pulitzer Prize winning first novel. The others are called 'Sons' and 'A House Divided'.PB
Book: The first entry in Erin Hunter's 'Seekers' series.QB
Author: His most famous work is a dystopian America where books are outlawed and burned.RB
Character: The name of the title character in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Hint: The answer is not Harry Potter.SB
Book: 2009 David Baldacci novel about a cop framed for a crime, sent to prison, and trying to become a cop again after she is released.TB
Book: 1992 Nora Roberts novel about a girl coming back to her hometown after 12 years, and meets her high school sweetheart who stood her up last time she saw him.UB
Character: Golden ticket winner #3, 2nd ejected from the factory tour. It was for the best as she was feeling a little blue.VB
Author: No relation to 'EB'. Wrote 'Naked Lunch', The 'Nova' trilogy, and the 'Red Night' trilogy.WB
Play: Daphne du Maurier 1945 play set during WWII.YB
Character: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy character with two heads whose direct ancestors are also his direct descendants. ZB

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