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City, Country: Former name of the capital of the world's 9th largest country in area (changed in March 2019)..AK
City, Country: Every sporcler's favorite capital and country.BK
City, State: City that the Cincinnati International Airport takes its Airport code from.CK
City, State: Capital of the 15th U.S. state from 1785 until 1792... when it became the 15th state.DK
City: 6th largest city in Scotland and part of the Glasgow metropolitan area.EK
City, State: Capital of the Bluegrass State, replacing 'DK' in 1792.FK
City, Country: African city of 120K that is home to the Bour-Algi Giraffe sanctuary.GK
Territory: Despite being on China's southern border, this autonomous territory was controlled by Britain until 1997.HK
City, Country: Town located roughly 100 miles south of Tashkent in the extreme west of.... a well known country.IK
City, Country: City of 393K and location of a famous Gulf War battle on the Highway of Death. (Leave the 'Al' off the answer)JK
City, Country: African city and major port city on Lake Victoria.KK
City, State: Home of the NCAA Men's Basketball national champions of 1980, 1986, and 2013.LK
Formation: Dormant volcano in northern Tanzania that last erupted over 150,000 years ago.MK
City, Country: Capital and country with this quizzes colors turned counterclockwise. Also add a Maasai shield and two spearsNK
City, State: 4th largest city in the 34th U.S. state.OK
City, Country: World capital on the Balkan peninsula.PK
City, Country: African city of 238K and part of the metropolitan area of 'NK'.RK
Country: Most populated country to have only one land border with another country.SK
City, Country: Island world capital lying 97 miles north of the equator.TK
Country: The combination of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.UK
City, Country: City of 118K, that is 13 miles north of 'KK' and sitting on the equator.VK
City, State: Largest city of the Sunflower state.WK
City, Country: City of 112K in the center of the northernmost 'Stan', OR a city of 60K in the southwest, about 60 miles from the Caspian.ZK
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