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Can you name the cities, states, provinces, countries, landmarks, etc. that have the initials AJ-ZJ?

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City, Country: World capital of 4 million, 45 miles east of JerusalemAJ
City, Country: City on the island of Kyushu where you'd find Jyumonji Hill and Tsurumi Volcano.BJ
Region: Middle region of the Garden State that includes state capital Trenton and Princeton University.CJ
City, Country: Suburb and located about 7 miles west of 'OJ'DJ
Flag: A lost British Flag that may have flown under the Southern Cross flag in the Battle of the Eureka Stockade in Australia.EJ
Landmark: The largest brick masonry structure in the Americas. It's located on Garden Key about 70 miles west of Key West.FJ
City: 16th most populated city of Colorado. It was named for the combining of the Colorado and Gunnison Rivers.GJ
City, Country: One of two cities targeted by a nuclear attack, bringing about the end of the Pacific half of World War II.HJ
City, Country: Middle-eastern city of a half million, known in ancient times as Arabella or Arbela.IJ
City, Country: Small town of 200K on the west coast 129 miles northwest of 'TJ'.JJ
City, Country: The three colors of this quiz appear on a J-country's flag, name the capital and country.KJ
Formation: 7,500 acre reservoir in northwest South Carolina, in which many Appalachian Rivers empty into.LJ
Formation: One of four different peaks of the northwest U.S. 2nd highest in Oregon, 6th highest in Nevada. Also found in Montana and Idaho.MJ
City, Country: Host of the 18th Winter Olympic games in 1998.NJ
City, Country: The 15th largest world metropolitan area is made up of Kyoto, Kobe, and this city.OJ
City, Country: Historical middle-eastern city and one of the New 7 Wonders of the World list.PJ
City, Country: Metropolitan city of 'AJ' with 'ZJ', making up the 2nd largest metropolitan area in the Eastern Mediterranean.RJ
City: 10th most populated city in the U.S., most populated city in Costa Rica.SJ
City, Country: Most populated metropolitan city in the world... 8th in city proper.TJ
Flag: Common nickname for the British Flag.UJ
College: Former name of Stevenson University in Pikesville, Maryland.VJ
City: 4th largest city in the state of Utah, 14 miles south of Salt Lake City.WJ
City, Country: The Capital city of the Kanagawa prefecture and 2nd most populous after 'TJ'YJ
City, Country: Metropolitan city of 'AJ' whose name means 'The Blue City'.ZJ
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