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Can you name the cities, states, provinces, countries, landmarks, etc. that have the initials AI-ZI?

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City, Country: Tourist destination where you'd find the Taj Mahal.AI
City, Country: 8th century world capital located on the Tigris River.BI
City, State: 3rd most populated city in the U.S.CI
City, Country: The colors of this quiz represent a country's flag. Name the capital and country.DI
Formation: Chilean territory in the southern Pacific Ocean where you'd find the Moai.EI
City, Country: Most populous Tuscan city where you'd find the Fountain of Neptune.FI
City, Country: Most populous Ligurian city about 90 milese south of Milan and NOT known for its salami. GI
City, Country: Major seaport about 60 miles north of Tel Aviv.HI
City, State: 2nd most populous U.S. state capital and home to The Brickyard.II
City, Country: World capital that is west of Dili and south-southeast of BangkokJI
City, Country: Capital of West Bengal, spelling was changed in 2001 to match the Bengali pronunciation.KI
City, Country: Don't be feeling down/This country doesn't serve the crown/It's located up north/so go forth/and name this 'poetic' townLI
City, Country: Turn the quiz colors counterclockwise and add an Ashoka Chakra to the middle for this country and its largest city.MI
Country: This non-country 'country' still does serve the crownNI
Formation: Largest of the San Juan isles in Washington. Not named for the pods that migrate to the area, but for a Spanish explorer.OI
City, State: City about 70 miles north of Springfield and 130 southwest of 'CI'PI
City, Country: City of almost 1.3 million about 150 miles south of the Caspian Sea.QI
City, Country: World Capital of the country that lies on the Denmark Strait.RI
Country: A group of 6 major islands to the east of Papua New Guinea.SI
City, Country: World capital and city of 8 million located almost exactly between 'BI' and Ashgabat.TI
Formation: Largest of the Aleutians.UI
City, Country: City that is situated across a group of 118 small islands, linked by canals and bridges.VI
City, State: Mid-west U.S. city of 68,000, I wonder if Napoleon would have lost here instead of Belgium.WI
City, Country: City of 656,000 that is named after a Sassanid ruler of Persia.YI
City, Country: City of 443,000 located 185 miles west-northwest of 'TI' and 20 miles south of the Qaflankuh mountain range.ZI

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