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Can you name the cities, states, provinces, countries, landmarks, etc. that have the initials AH-ZH?

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Formation: First alphabetically of seven in Rome.AH
City, Country: Rotate the quizzes colors clockwise and give me the capital and country of the flag you see.BH
Formation: Historical Washington DC neighborhood and metonym for the United States Congress.CH
City, Country: City of 382K+ on the island of Hispaniola.DH
City: Upscale neighborhood area from Wai'alae Country Club to Makapu'u Point.EH
City, Country: City of 129K+ about 50 miles southeast of Bratislava.GH
City, State: State capital located at latitude 21.30895.HH
Formation: Chilean island that is part of Tierra Del Fuego and location of Cape Horn. (spanish answer)IH
Formation: Wyoming valley and ski resort between the Teton and Gros Ventre mountain ranges.JH
City, State: City northeast of 'HH' and birthplace of Jonah Ray and Wall Amos (Famous Amos).KH
Formation: Body of water and first in the acronym HOMES.LH
City, Country: European city where you can find Diósgyőr Castle ruins and Lillafüred.MH
State: 9th state to ratify the U.S. constitution.NH
Island, State: Island where 'HH' and 'KH' are located.OH
City, Country: World capital in the Caribbean.PH
Formation: Sixth alphabetically of seven in Rome.QH
City: South Carolina city of 70K and home to Winthrop University.RH
City, Country: City just north of the Serbia and Romania border. 3rd largest in its country.SH
City, Country: Central American world capital.TH
Formation: Seventh alphabetically of seven in Rome.VH
Landmark: Home of the POTUS.WH
City, Country: City in central America where the Lluvia de Peces takes place. (fish fall from the sky)YH

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