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Can you name the cities, states, provinces, countries, landmarks, etc. that have the initials AG-ZG?

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City, State: City with the ninth largest metropolitan area in the U.S. at 5.7 million.AG
City, Country: World capital in the center of the cross between Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Prague, and Warsaw.BG
City, Country: World capital of the country whose flag is represented by this quiz's colors.CG
City, Country: City near the border with the Netherlands and 7th largest in its country.DG
Country: Country on Africa's west coast whose capital is on Bioko Island.EG
Territory: Region of France and enemy to Spoclers who forget it exists.FG
City, Country: World capital located where the Demerara River meets the Atlantic Ocean.GG
City, Country: Major port city on the Elbe River.HG
City, Country: Northern suburb of Athens with a population of 85,000.IG
City, Country: Central American city located 60 miles due east of Guatemala City.JG
City, State: U.S. city of 33,000 and home to the Atlantic Sun Conference's Owls.KG
City, Country: World capital located about 50 south of 'EG'LG
City, Country: City that is home to BMW headquarters and Nymphenburg Palace.MG
City, Country: Capital of the largest island in the world.NG
Nickname: Name given to the American Flag in the 19th century by sea captain William Driver.OG
Formation: Body of water bordered by Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.PG
Formation: Large river flowing from Colorado, through New Mexico and Texas, to the Gulf of Mexico.RG
City: World capital in the Caribbean located on The Spice Island.SG
City, Country: World capital located about 175 miles north of world capital Yerevan.TG
City, Country: City of 122,000 on the Danube River and birthplace of Albert Einstein.UG
City, Country: Small town near the Turkish border, but it's not ruled by the Arryns.VG
Country: 41 year old country that ceased to exist in 1990.WG
City, Country: City about 135 miles southeast of Sofia and birthplace to Oscar-winning composer Manos Hatzidakis.XG
City, Country: 2nd largest city of the U.S.-owned island east of the Philippines.YG
City, Country: Inner suburb of Athens and named after a politician (1844-1927)ZG

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