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Can you name the waterfalls of the world that have the initials AF-ZF?

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Venezuela: The highest uninterrupted waterfall in the world at 3,212 feet.AF
Northern California: Natural National Landmark called the 8th wonder of the world by President T. Roosevelt.BF
Kentucky: Called 'Little NF' and 'NF of the south'. It's located about 70 miles from the Gap.CF
Canada: 1,443 foot waterfall located on Vancouver Island.DF
Switzerland: 1,969 foot waterfall near Adelboden. It's the 2nd highest in Switzerland.EF
Northern California: 410 foot falls near Lake Oroville. While the name reminds you of birds, ladybugs tend to migrate here for the winter.FF
France: 422 foot tiered waterfall near the France/Spain border formed by melting snow from the Pyrenees Mountains.GF
U.S/Canada: Waterfall on the U.S./Canada border that is the main waterfall of 'NF'. 90% of the water goes over this one.HF
Northwest U.S.: Small waterfall and town in the eastern Gem State.IF
India: 829 foot falls near Sagara. People 'run' to see this major tourist attraction.JF
Tanzania/Zambia: 772 foot single drop waterfall and most important archaeological site in Africa.KF
Norway: 2,008 foot fall near Etne. European highway 134 runs along the base for a good view.LF
Australia: 350 foot waterfall in Tasmania named after the fifth Aztec emperor.MF
U.S./Canada: A collective name of 3 major waterfalls of the Great Lakes, American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and 'HF'.NF
Morocco: 330 foot waterfall out of the Grand Atlas Mountains near Tanaghmeilt.OF
Alaska: 1,900-2,100 (disputed) foot fall near Skagway in the panhandle.PF
Switzerland: Small waterfall on the river flowing from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea.RF
California: A long series of cascades in Yosemite Valley. The six drops total 1,920 feet.SF
South Africa: Generally accepted as the 2nd tallest waterfall at 3,110 feet.TF
Oregon: Small waterfall near Mt. Hood, though a parasol wouldn't help much underneath it.UF
Zambia/Zimbabwe: 355 foot waterfall named after the British queen from 1837-1901.VF
California: 1,080 foot fall in Yosemite National Park fed by Lake Vernon.WF
Wyoming: 150 foot waterfall in Yellowstone National Park, though many others in this list might be more like 'paradise'.XF
California: 2,425 foot waterfall named after a major California National Park.YF
Washington: Small waterfall near Mt Rainier named after how the water snakes down the rocks, and the curvy nature of the nearby highway.ZF

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