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Can you name the cities, states, provinces, countries, landmarks, etc. that have the initials AD-ZD?

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City: Capital city due east of RiyadhAD
Landmark: Dam completed in 1936 on the Arizona/Nevada border on the Colorado River. Got a name change to 'HD' in 1947.BD
Country: Country whose flag is represented by the colors of this quiz.CD
City, State: The capital of the first state to ratify the constitution.DD
City, Country: Largest seaport on the Jutland peninsula. 5th largest city in its country.ED
City, Country: Town and municipality in the urban part of Copenhagen. Named after its king in the early 1700sFD
Formation: Large cold expanse covering northern China and southern MongoliaGD
Landmark: See clue from 'BD'HD
Landmark: 643 ft. dam on the Parana River located between Brazil and Paraguay.ID
Formation: Large sandy savannah covering most of Botswana, and parts of Namibia and South Africa.KD
Formation: Ireland's second largest lake, on the River Shannon, covering over 50 square milesLD
Formation: Hot expanse in southern California and Nevada. Home to Edwards Air Force Base.MD
City: 2nd-most populated world capital.ND
Landmark: The tallest dam in the U.S. located in northern California. 2017 flood broke the spillways.OD
Formation: Hot barren land in northeast Iran, not east of Germany like the name almost suggests.PD
Landmark: 539 ft Chinese dam on the Shuoqu River expected to be completed in 2017.QD
City, Country: World capital south of St. John's and north of St. George'sRD
City: 8th most populated U.S. city. Home to the Coronado Bridge and Old Point Loma Lighthouse.SD
Formation: 71,000 sq mi. expanse in north-central Australia between the Northern Territory and Western Australia.TD
City, Country: City of 375,000+ on Lake Tanganyika and near the border with Burundi. (Use initials)UD
Landmark: Reservoir and 474 ft. dam in Southern BulgariaVD
City, State: City where you'd find the corporate headquarters of DuPont.WD
Landmark: 460 ft dam on the Sao Francisco River in eastern Brazil.XD
Landmark: 525 ft dam on the Bighorn River southeast of Billings, Montana.YD
Landmark: 666 ft dam on the Moctezuma River in Hidalgo, just north of Mexico City.ZD

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