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Can you name the cities, states, provinces, countries, landmarks, etc. that have the initials AC-ZC?

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City, State: U.S. city where you could find Angels, Ducks, and a Mouse.AC
City, Country: Most populated world capital, just by capital area.BC
City: Texas city that translates from Latin to 'Body of Christ'.CC
City, State: I went to this city to see the Rockies. Unfortunately, I saw the Avalanche.DC
City, Country: The capital of the Canadian province of Alberta.EC
Landmark: The Imperial Palace, located at the center of 'BC'.FC
Formation: Of the seven natural wonders of the world, the only one contained inside the U.S.GC
City, Country: This island capital's closest mainland capital is Belmopan at 579 miles.HC
Country: Sporclers all know this West-African country by its French name.IC
City: U.S. City that is named after the third president of the U.S.JC
Cities: Largest city of the Show Me State, 3rd largest city of the Sunflower State.KC
Formation: Body of water on the New York/Vermont border that was the 6th great lake for about 3 weeks.LC
Ward: Area of Monaco known for its casino and Formula One racing.MC
City, Country: North African world capital whose country's flag is represented by the colors of this quiz.NC
City: Normally you can only hear the Thunder, here you can see it.OC
City, Country: European city where you'd find Wenceslas Square and the Lennon Wall.PC
City: Canadian province capital on the St. Lawrence River.QC
City: Rich Los Angeles suburban city of 165,000, in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains.RC
City, Country: World capital and 7th largest city in the Americas with 5.5 million.SC
City, Country: City 415 miles south of 'SC' and at the foot of the active Llaima Volcano in the Andes.TC
City, Country: Town and municipality on the Guajira peninsula in the southern Caribbean.UC
City, Country: Host of the 2010 Winter Olympics.VC
City, Country: Southernmost Canadian city... head north to get to Detroit, Michigan.WC
City, Country: Capital of the Shaanxi province and one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals.XC
City, Country: This capital's closest world capital is Malabo on the Island of Bioko.YC
City, Country: World capital that.... well.... starts with a Z.ZC

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