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Can you name the cities, states, provinces, countries, landmarks, etc. that have the initials AB-ZB?

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City, Country: Host of the 1920 Summer Olympics.AB
City, Country: World capital where you'd find the Juscelino Kubitschek Bridge.BB
City, Country: Port city on the Bay of Bengal and 2nd largest city of its country.CB
City, Country: World capital of country in the above answer (CB).DB
Landmark: Cable supported span connecting North and South Rotterdam, NetherlandsEB
City, Country: Country's 2nd most populated city behind 'NB'.FB
City: Home to a team with 4 super bowl championships.GB
District, Country: District two west of Thimphu. Don't laugh when you think of it.HB
City, Country: City in West Flanders encompassing itself and the towns of Emelgem and Kachtem.IB
City, Country: Welcome-sounding city of a half-million and largest city in the state of Santa CatarinaJB
City, Country: Rapper West was not from this city just north of the South African border.KB
City: California's 7th most populated city and home to a Big West College's 49ers.LB
City, Country: World capital c.350 miles from Warsaw one way and Kiev another.MB
City, Country: World capital that is due east of Key West.NB
Landmark: This half-span connects Sweden and Denmark. I say half-span because on Denmark's side, it becomes a tunnel.OB
Harbor: One of the only two possible stops on Antarctic cruises from Tierra Del Fuego.PB
City, Country: City located c.140 miles ESE of La PazQB
Landmark: The oldest structure spanning Venice's Grand Canal.RB
City, Country: A world capital from 1839-1898, before the capital was moved to almost 12,000 feet above sea level.SB
Landmark: London structure spanning the Thames River, opening in 1894.TB
City: Top 50 populated U.S. City, the largest city in its state.VB
City, Country: Another West Flanders city on the Leie River and between Kortrijk and Ghent.WB
City, Country: City on the Tundzha River and about 100 miles from the Black Sea.YB
City, Country: Large city 33 miles northwest of Sarajevo. It's definitely not in Herzegovina.ZB

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