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Can you name the cities, states, provinces, countries, landmarks, etc. that have the initials AA-ZA?

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City: World capital located almost due south of world capital Asmara.AA
City: World capital where traveling due north, due east, or due west will land you in another world capital.BA
City, Country: World capital agreed upon in 1908 by the nation's two largest cities. Now it has 381K pop., the two largest are over 4.5 million.CA
City, Country: Port city on the Adriatic Sea, located 21 miles west of capital Tirana.DA
City, Province: Home of NHL team with 5 Stanley Cup wins. Go south 180 miles for a larger city (but with only 1 stanley cup win). EA
City, State: Home of the Southeastern Conference's Razorbacks.FA
Landmark: This 630 foot structure was built as a monument to the westward expansion of the United States.GA
City, State: 4th largest city and 2nd largest metro area in the Heart of Dixie.HA
City, Country: Site of the 1964 and 1976 Winter Olympic games.IA
City, State: 6th least populated state capital.JA
City, Country: World capital... head east for Islamabad, north for Dushanbe.KA
City, Country: World capital in southern Africa. Countries' most populous and primary seaport.LA
City, Country: Smaller of two huge cities in 1908 compromise of 'CA'MA
City, State: Biggest city located on the Seward peninsula.NA
City, Country: Coastal city almost midway between the world capitals Algiers and Rabat.OA
City, State: Most populated U.S. state capital and 6th most populated U.S city overall.PA
Territory, Country: 2nd biggest state in the land down under.QA
City, Country: City 173 miles NW of 'BA'. 3rd most populous in the country.RA
City, Country: 4th most populous in its country, well known as the birthplace of Mozart. SA
City: Coastal city on the Mediterranean and 2nd most populous in Israel.TA
City, Country: Capital of Tierra Del Fuego. Known as the southernmost 'city' in the world.UA
City, Country: World Capital 34 miles to the west of world capital Bratislava.VA
Landmark: Formally titled as the Collegiate Church of St Peter at.... I forget.WA
City, Country: World capital with a good view of the landing place of Noah's Ark.YA
Province, Country: Coastal province in southern Africa, bordering the country that used to have the same name.ZA

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