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Can you name the cities, states, provinces, countries, landmarks, etc. that have the initials AE-ZE?

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City, Country: No landmark is safe. Great Library- fire, Lighthouse- earthquake. At least they still have the Necropolis.AE
City, Country: City located about 125 miles northwest of London... a lot closer than 4,300 miles to go to Alabama.BE
City, Country: Many a Tale hath been told of this historical UK city.CE
City, Country: The band is British, but in this 'Ordinary World', this city/canton is in South America.DE
City, Country: Cathedral city in Cambridgeshire, about 80 miles north of London. EE
City, Country: Ancient city about 60 miles southwest of Cairo. Called Crocodilopolis by the Greeks.FE
Province, Country: Set of islands in the south pacific about 600 miles west of the country that owns them.GE
County, Country: City about 180 miles south of Addis Ababa, 5th largest in country, sometimes spelled without the 'H'.HE
City, Country: City of 350K located about the halfway point of the 'SE' canal.IE
City, Country: City about 95 miles northwest of Asmara and 2nd largest in its country.KE
City, Country: 8.6 million people make it the 22nd largest city proper in the world.LE
Formation: The Nepal/China border runs right through its summit.ME
Region: The collective name for the 6 northeastern-most states of the U.S.NE
City, Country: City that is home to a university that is the oldest in the English-speaking world.OE
City: Located 478 miles east of Cape Town, this South African seaport is known as 'The Friendly City'.PE
City, Country: Highest official capital city, closest capital to the equator, only capital starting with Q.QE
City, Country: This South American city's name contains the spanish word for 'river' and a Mexican dance.RE
City, Country: City with a canal connecting the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea. SE
City, Country: This world capital is only 54 miles south of Helsinki... however the Gulf of Finland is in the way.TE
County, Country: On the border with its twin town of Valka, Latvia. (Just one letter change needed.)VE
City, Country: Mid UK city that had a War of the Roses battle, and was a stronghold in the English Civil War.WE
City, Country: Walled city just northeast of Leeds. There's nowhere near as many people here as its newer version in the U.S.YE
City, Country: 'Twisting' City on the eastern Nile delta. ZE

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