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Can you name the video games, characters, areas, and other gaming hodgepodge with the initials AA-ZA?

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PS2: Either collection featuring old games of the 2nd generation.AA
NES/Gen: Wisdom Tree game featuring Noah's Ark, Baby Moses, and David and Goliath.BA
A2600: The sequel to Atlantis. Shoot asteroids and collect life-forms from each planet. Rinse, repeat.CA
SNES/Gen: Based on a 1992 animated movie, this one is a real 'diamond in the rough'.DA
A2600/NES: Arcade spy game that has its ups and downs.EA
GBA: Subtitled 'The Great Quest', it's not just about crossing streets and rivers anymore.FA
Gen (14 others): Beat-Em-Up with 2 direct sequels and several spin-offs. You never get to wield the title weapon in this game though.GA
NES: Light gun shooter. Shoot gangsters on a track, in a landscape, or shoot cans for points.HA
X360 (Live): A very amped-up version of Asteroids with alien invaders.IA
XBox: Subtitle to the original Star Wars Jedi Knight.JA
NES: Contrary to popular belief, this is not the character's first game, but is the first with the copy ability.KA
GB: Originally started as a port of Link to the Past before becoming an original project.LA
SNES: Subtitle to the 1994 game that put Pitfall back on the mapMA
NES/Gen: Turn-based strategy game. It's like Romance of the Three Kingdoms, except in Japan.NA
GB: 2D Platformer with Abe the Mudokon running a guantlet of traps and avoiding flesh-eaters.OA
SNES/Gen: Tetris-like game involving lining up blocks...and eating ghosts.PA
NES: Either of two compilation games featuring Lnus Spacehead, Boomerang Kid, and F16 Renegade.QA
6th Gen: Subtitle to the 2004 Goldeneye not-so-sequel.RA
Character: The first major female protagonists... though you had to beat it in 3 hours to find it out.SA
SNES/GB: Everyone's favorite block dropping game, except swapping blocks, and using Yoshi characters.TA
Gen 6-8: Subtitle to Marvel game released on 3 Playstations, 3 Xbox's, and Wii, and 2 portables.UA
X360: World War II stealth game from 2009. Violette Summer makes silent kills on nazis.VA
N64/PS/PC: Night-crawlers destroy each other with missiles, bombs, guns, etc. Or they can just drown.WA
X360: Indie top-down shooter. Game has no end as aliens (x-word) just get harder and have larger hordes.XA
PC: A 2016 2D puzzle platformer on steam. There is an abundance of the title color.YA
PS3/X360: Yet another 'end of the world' undead game. This one is a top-down shooter.ZA

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