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Can you name the celebrities, characters, or titles from the categories of movies, tv, music, and sports with the initials AI-ZI?

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NBA: (2004-) SF for the 76ers, Nuggets, and Warriors. 12K+ pts, 5,100+ rbs, 4,400 asts, 1,500+ stls.AI
Music: Famous for 'Holly Jolly Christmas'. TV: Voice of Samuel the Snowman.BI
Character: Famous long-haired character played by Felis Silla on the TV show and John Franklin in the movie.CI
Movie Title: 1991 Action film starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Jean-Claude Van Damme.DI
MLB: (2014-) CF for the D-Backs and Braves. .294 avg, 2016 gold glove.EI
Song: #1 Mainstream and Alternative hit in 2007 for Seether.FI
Movie Title: 1999 Biography with Winona Ryder as author Susanna Kaysen.GI
Movie Title: 1942 Crosby/Astaire dance film set in a hotel that is only open on celebratory days.HI
Actor: He's played Captain Hook, a dark wizard 8 times, and the 'smartest man on the planet'.JI
NBA: (2011-) PG for the Cavaliers. ROY, 2016 NBA title, 2016 Olympics team gold.KI
TV Series: Rowan and Martin's rapid fire sketch show from 1967-1973.LI
TV Series: 1966-73 series with Peter Graves. Movie title: 1996 film with Tom Cruise.MI
Movie Title: 1943 Western-drama with Henry Fonda and Dana Andrews.OI
Comic/Movie Character: DC Comics Supervillain AKA Pamela Isley. Appeared in 1997 movie.PI
NFL: (1993-2001) KR/WR for the Raiders, Panthers, and Cowboys. 28 TDs, 5,300 rec yards, 2,300 ret yards.RI
Comic/Movie Character: Real name of 1989 superhero and 1994 Jim Carrey role 'The Mask'SI
Song: The 3rd top 40 Billboard hit in 1986 for Mike and the Mechanics.TI
Song?: 38 second static track from Tool's 1996 album ├ćnima.UI
Movie Title: 1942 War movie with Brian Donleavy about the Pearl Harbor attack.WI
TV: Plays Russell Jackson on Madam Secretary. Movie: Played Robert Pender in Argo.ZI

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