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Can you name the celebrities, characters, or titles from the categories of movies, tv, music, and sports with the initials AH-ZH?

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Actress: In 1954, she was a Fairchild. In 1964, she was a Fair Lady.AH
Singer: 'That'll be the day that I die.' That day ended up being Feb. 3, 1959, 'the day the music died'.BH
TV Show: Adam Arkin and Hector Elizondo in a major Illinois hospital.CH
Movie: Pedro Cerrano in Major League. TV: David Palmer on 24.DH
Movie: Winston Zeddmore in Ghostbusters. TV: Warden Leo Glynn on Oz.EH
Singer: She's a 'Mississippi Girl'. She's can 'Breathe' and then 'Cry'. She's a 'Wild One' and she's found 'The Secret of Life'.FH
NBA: (1994-2013) Sprite-drinking Small Forward for the Pistons, Magic, and Suns.GH
Movie: Jo Harding in Twister. TV: Jamie Buchman on Mad About You.HH
Movie: Asneeze in Robin Hood: MIT. TV: Voice of Chef on South Park. Music: Theme from Shaft.IH
Movie: Julius Levinson in Independence Day. TV: Alex Reiger on Taxi.JH
MLB: 1974-90 for the Cardinals and Mets. TV: Spit on Kramer and Newman after a game... or did he?KH
Movie: Queen Gorgo in 300. TV: Cersei Lannister, Sarah Connor.LH
Movie: The Wicked Witch of the West. TV: Granny Frump on The Addams Family.MH
Actor: Played Martin Van Buren in Amistad, played Raymond Cocteau in Demolition Man.NH
TV: 1986-88 show with Wilford Brimley. Music: Top 20 hit for Madness, different top 20 hit for Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.OH
Movie: Had a Big Adventure. TV: Had a Saturday morning Playhouse.PH
MLB: 1979-2003. HOF, MVP, MLB leader in runs (2,295) and stolen bases (1,406)RH
TV: Host of the Family Feud since 2010. Hosted Miss Universe..... once.SH
Movie: Paris Carver in Tomorrw Never Dies. TV: Susan Mayer on Desperate Housewives.TH
Band: British rockers who took their name from a character in David Copperfield.UH
Band: Hard rock brothers Eddie and Alex. Gary and Sammy were lead singers, but their most success was when David Jumped in.VH
Movie Title: A biker gang of Tim Allen, John Travolta, Martin Lawrence, and William H Macy meet a REAL biker gang led by Ray Liotta.WH

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