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Can you name the celebrities, characters, or titles from the categories of movies, tv, music, and sports with the initials AC-ZC?

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TV: Plays Amy Brookheimer in Veep. Movie: Played Vada in My Girl.AC
Comedian: He performed the famous God and Noah routine.... right!BC
Band: Contemporary Christian band with #1s 'East to West' and 'Voice of Truth'.CC
Voices: Homer Simpson, Abe Simpson, Barney Gumble , Krusty, etc., etc., many more etc.DC
Character: 'I'm not fat, I'm big-boned.' so 'Respect my authoritah!'EC
Polish solo pianist composer of the Romantic era. Also known for two Etude collections, 24 Preludes, and 2 piano concertos.FC
Movie title: Eddie Murphy: 'So, I gotta go to Tibet, because I'm the Chosen One. Why can't anybody choose me to go to the Bahamas?'GC
Movie: Independence Day. Reality TV: American Idol. Music: New Orleans jazz singer.HC
TV mini-series: Derek Jacobi as ruler of the Roman Empire.IC
Actress: She plays a spy's wife, a babysitter, a 'fish', and Lindsay Lohan's mother/daughterJC
Movie: Arnold plays the toughest role of all.... a teacher of pre-first-graders.KC
Character: Mother of 'EC'.... or was she his father?LC
MLB: (2003-) 2x MVP, 2x HR champ, 2x RBI champ, 4x batting champ. All in the same year once.MC
TV: Julia Salinger on Party of Five. Movie: Sidney Prescott in the 'Scream' seriesNC
TV: 5 season series with Ben McKenzie and Mischa Barton. Don't overthink this one, I sorta cheated.OC
Actress: Spanish actress starring in 'Sahara', 'Vanilla Sky', and the fourth 'Pirates of the Caribbean'.PC
Movie: Bill Murray, Geena Davis, and Randy Quaid rob a New York bank and have numerous problems getting to the airport.QC
Movie: Bond villain in The World is Not Enough. TV: Rumplestiltskin in Once Upon a Time.RC
Reality TV: I don't mean to be rude, but he was a very harsh judge on American Idol.SC
Character: Bond girl in Diamonds Are Forever played by Jill St. John.TC
Movie: Country boy John Travolta moves to the city, dances, falls in love, rides a mechanical bull, saves the world.... okay, skip the last part.UC
Character: Downton Abbey character played by Maggie Smith.VC
Song: Most famous version by Bing Crosby. Movie: Also starring Bing Crosby.WC
MLB: (2012-) OF for Athletics, Red Sox, Tigers, and 2015-16 Mets. 2x all-star, gold glove, silver slugger.YC
Movie Character: James Garner role with Mel Gibson in Maverick.ZC

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