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12 Drummers Drumming
Genesis 1970-96 
Led Zeppelin 1962-80 
Beatles after 1962 
The Who 1964-78 
ZZ Top since 1969 
Rolling Stones since 1963 
Metallica since 1981 
Eagles since 1971 
Van Halen since 1972 (first name) 
Beach Boys 1961-83 
Pink Floyd 1965-95 
U2 since 1976 
11 Pipers Piping
Where a ice hockey goalie plays. 
Stereotypical Scottish wind instrument. 
Greek diety's wind instrument. 
Shaun White's Olympic gold medal event. 
An unattainable hope. 
Another term for the trachea. 
Hawaiian surfing locale. 
Be quiet. 
A long tail hanging from the back of a hood. 
Wading bird of the family Scolopacidae. 
The end of a car's exhaust system. 
10 Lords a leaping
Harry Potter enemy. 
1788-1824 British poet. 
1809-1892 British Poet Laureate 
Shrek enemy. 
'Royals' singer. 
Luke Skywalker enemy. 
Daniel Craig character in The Golden Compass. 
Lord of Rivendell. 
Lord of Winterfell. 
Last Viceroy of India 
9 Ladies Dancing
Dirty Dancing - Baby 
Footloose - Ariel 
Saturday Night Fever - Stephanie 
Flashdance - Alex 
Step Up - Nora 
Grease - Sandy 
Save the Last Dance - Sara 
Moulin Rouge! - Satine 
Dance With Me - Ruby 
8 Maids a Milking
The Jeffersons 
The Addams Family 
Family Guy 
*title guy* in Charge 
Who's The Boss 
The Brady Bunch 
The Nanny 
*title guy* (Christopher Hewett) 
7 Swans-a-swimming
Main protagonist of Once Upon A Time. 
Tchaikovsky ballet. 
E.B. White novel. 
Portman/Kunis 2010 psychological thriller. 
Keira Knightley Pirates of the Caribbean role. 
Main protagonist of the Twilight series. 
Fairy tale about a swan cast-out.  
6 Geese-a-laying
A lamp with a flexible shaft. 
R.L. Stine series. 
Idiom for 'All hope is gone'. 
Idiom for a source of wealth that shouldn't be misused. 
Children's game played while sitting in a circle. 
5 Golden Rings
4 Calling Birds
Callin' Baton Rouge (1994) 
Calling All Angels (2003) 
London Calling (1979) 
Call Me (1980) 
3 French Hens
Maid Marian's attendant in Disney's Robin Hood. 
Gonzo's love interest on the Muppet Show. 
She's trying to find a husband... Foghorn Leghorn? 
2 Turtle Doves
Home Alone 2 turtle dove #1 
Home Alone 2 turtle dove #2 
And a
Fat bird that resides in a fruit shrub. 
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