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1781 (American Revolution)
1815 (Abba's 2nd Album)
1066 (Chelsea hosted this home game)
1297 (You will never take our FREEDOM!)
1805 (Nelson)
490 BC (Olympic Event)
1942-43 (Turn of WWII)
1961 (USA humiliated)
331 BC (Alex vs Darius)
732 (... de France)
480 BC (The Hotgates)
1415 (St Crispin's Day)
1521 (Bye bye Aztecs)
2002 (This operation dont want nothing unless you got buns hun)
1863 (North vs South)
1314 (Scotland belongs to Scotland)
1854 (Charge of the Light Brigade)
1993 (Black Hawk Down)
1066 (Bill the Norman)

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