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Rank/Year/Director(s)MoviePlot Description
#1/1981/Steven SpielbergAn archaeologist/adventurer is hired by the U.S. government to obtain the Ark of the Covenant before the Nazis can.
#2/1984/Steven SpielbergThe hero of the above film must suppress a revival of the Thuggee cult deep in the jungles of India.
#3/1989/Steven SpielbergThe main character of the above two movies teams up with his father to track down the Holy Grail before Nazi Germany can.
#4/1977/George LucasMoisture farmer Luke Skywalker is recruited by Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi to rescue Princess Leia from the Galactic Empire's Death Star.
#5/1983/Richard MarquandThe Rebel Alliance prepares for one final battle with the Galactic Empire over the Forest Moon of Endor.
#6/1980/Irvin KershnerThe Rebel Alliance is thrown into disarray after their hidden base on the snow planet of Hoth is attacked by the Galactic Empire.
#7/1997/John MiliusTheodore Roosevelt leads volunteer dismounted cavalry into battle in the Cuban campaign of the Spanish-American War.
#8/1985/Mark L. LesterFormer special forces member John Matrix comes out of retirement after his daughter is kidnapped by a group of mercenaries.
#9/1971/Sergio LeoneAn Irish revolutionary and a Mexican bandit join forces to rob the Mesa Verde bank, but end up involved neck-deep in the Mexican Revolution.
#10/2001/Steven SpielbergA couple adopts a life-like child robot.
#11/1927/Fritz LangIn the city of the future, tensions between the upper and working classes reach their breaking point.
#12/1975/John MiliusA hostage crisis in 1904 Morocco brings the United States to the brink of war with desert rebels.
#13/1973/John MiliusA bank robber and his gang tear through the American Midwest on a crime spree in the 1930s.
#14/2017/Rian JohnsonRey seeks out Luke Skywalker to learn the ways of the Force, while the Resistance engages in a do-or-die battle with the First Order star fleet.
#15/2015/J.J. AbramsThe Resistance and the First Order battle over a map leading to the location of Luke Skywalker, the last remaining Jedi.
#16/2016/Gareth EdwardsMembers of the Rebel Alliance launch a raid to seize the plans for the Galactic Empire's planet-killing space station, the Death Star.
#17/2018/Ron HowardA petty criminal escapes from his homeworld of Corellia with the goal of becoming a first-class pilot.
#18/1961/J. Lee ThompsonDuring World War II, a team of Allied commandos are sent to destroy two massive Nazi cannons on a Greek island.
#19/1985/Michael WinnerArchitect-turned-vigilante Paul Kersey goes to war with the street gangs of New York City.
#20/2005/George LucasWith the Clone Wars winding down, Anakin Skywalker slides ever closer to the Dark Side of the Force.
#21/1966/Basil Dearden, Eliot ElisofonBritish General Charles Gordon leads the defenses of the Sudanese capital against Muslim jihadists led by the Mahdi.
#22/1963/John SturgesAllied P.O.W.s plan a massive prisonbreak from Stalag Luft III during World War II.
#23/1960/John SturgesA team of seven gunslingers travel to Mexico to protect a defenseless village there from a gang of bandits.
#24/1989/Jay LeveyA pair of bums becomes the new owners of a local T.V. station.
#25/1989/John WooA Hong Kong hitman goes on one last mission to pay for eye surgery for a woman he accidentally blinded.
#26/1942/Michael CurtizDuring World War II, an American nightclub owner in North Africa must decide between leaving with the love of his life or smuggling a Czechoslovakian freedom fighter back into the fight against the Nazis.
#27/1985/Jackie Chan, Chi-Hwa ChenA Hong Kong cop/martial artist must protect a woman who's going to testify against the mob.
#28/1993/Ron MaxwellConfederate forces invade the North, meeting the Union army in the turning point of the American Civil War.
#29/1966/Sergio LeoneThree gunslingers race against each other across the American Civil War-torn West to find a treasure of hidden gold.
#30/1964/Sergio LeoneThe Man With No Name drifts into a Mexican border town controlled by two rival crime families and decides to drive out both of the gangs.
#31/1967/Arthur PennA pair of bandits/lovers rob their way through the central-southern United States in the 1930s.
#32/1988/Peter MacDonaldAn American supersoldier travels to Afghanistan to rescue his former commanding officer after the latter is captured by the Soviets.
#33/1982/Ted KotcheffThe hero of the above entry is driven into the forested hills of the American Pacific Northwest by a small-town police force.
#34/1985/George P. CosmatosThe main character of the above two films returns to Vietnam to rescue American P.O.W.s left there after the end of the Vietnam War.
Rank/Year/Director(s)MoviePlot Description
#35/1994/Chia-Liang LiuMartial artist Wong Fei-Hung fights to prevent Chinese artifacts from being robbed by the British and their Chinese collaborators.
#36/2002/Sam MendesA Rock Island, Illinois mob hitman takes his young son on a bank-robbing spree in the early 1930s.
#37/1929/Luis BuñuelA series of bizarre events take place in a dream-like state.
#38/2008/Pierre MorelA former secret agent must rescue his daughter, who was kidnapped in Paris and sold into sexual slavery.
#39/1932/Erle C. KentonA shipwrecked sailor finds himself trapped on a tropical island ruled by the mad scientist Dr. Moreau.
#40/2006/Mike JudgeThe world's most average man is cryogenically frozen and wakes up in the future when everybody else is a total moron.
#41/1987/J. Lee ThompsonArchitect-turned-vigilante Paul Kersey takes on the drug cartels of Los Angeles.
#42/1992/Sam RaimiA chainsaw-handed smart-aleck is transported back in time to the Middle Ages.
#43/2012/Christopher NolanSuperhero Batman must prevent Gotham City from being taken over by the terrorist Bane.
#44/1983/Sam FirstenbergA Japanese man's ninja problems travel with him to the United States.
#45/1990/Dwight H. LittleA former DEA agent fights a Jamaican drug lord.
#46/1964/Cy EndfieldThe British military outpost of Rorke's Drift is besieged by countless enemy warriors.
#47/1970/Brian G. HuttonA platoon of American soldiers launch an unauthorized raid behind Nazi lines in France to rob a bank containing gold bars during World War II.
#48/1993/Steven SpielbergA German industrialist saves Jews from the worst of the Holocaust by having them work in his factory.
#49/2003/Ryan LittleAfter World War II's Malmedy Massacre, a group of Allied soldiers find themselves trapped behind Nazi lines.
#50/2009/Neill BlomkampA bureaucrat is assigned to help evict aliens from a South African slum that the latter have been living in since they landed on Earth.
#51/1993/Andrew DavisA Chicago doctor, wrongly convicted of murdering his wife, escapes from custody to find the true killer.
#52/1987/Paul VerhoevenA murdered Detroit police officer is brought back to life as a cyborg crime-fighting machine.
#53/1980/Jim Abrahams, David Zucker, Jerry ZuckerChaos ensues after the crew of an airliner grow ill from the fish served as an in-flight meal.
#54/1987/Brian De PalmaA team of Chicago cops is assembled to take down Al Capone's crime empire.
#55/2008/Clint EastwoodA racist Korean War veteran must learn to live with his new Hmong neighbors.
#56/1988/Alan ParkerA pair of FBI agents is sent to investigate the disappearance of some civil rights activists in the 1960s South.
#57/2006/David R. EllisA slew of serpents is unleashed on the unsuspecting passengers of an airliner.
#58/1989/John MiliusDuring World War II, an American soldier goes A.W.O.L. to become the ruler of a tribe of natives in the jungles of Borneo.
#59/1930/Lewis MilestoneEnthusiastic young Germans join the army, only to face the horrors of World War I trench warfare.
#60/1949/Raoul WalshPsychopathic gangster Cody Jarrett confronts threats against his life from outside and inside his gang.
#61/1992/John WooA Hong Kong cop goes to war with an army of bloodthirsty gunrunners.
#62/2003/Gore VerbinskiPirate Jack Sparrow and blacksmith Will Turner join forces to rescue Elizabeth Swann from a group of pirates.
#63/1980/Samuel FullerA squad of American soldiers fight their way through the North African and European theaters of World War II.
#64/2012/Simon WestA team of mercenaries fight to prevent a rival group of soldiers-of-fortune from obtaining weapons-grade plutonium.
#65/1994/James CameronA secret agent is off saving the world from terrorists, while his family thinks he's a boring computer salesman.
#66/1984/James CameronA cyborg assassin is sent back in time to kill the woman who will give birth to the leader of the human faction in the coming human-versus-robot war.
#67/1987/Stanley KubrickRecruits try to survive American Marine bootcamp to serve in the Tet Offensive of the Vietnam War.
#68/1998/Steven SpielbergAfter World War II's Normandy invasion, a squad of American troops is sent out to find a soldier whose brothers were recently killed.
Rank/Year/Director(s)MoviePlot Description
#69/2012/Garrett BrawithThe thirty-second President of the United States must prevent the world from being taken over by werewolves.
#70/1968/Franklin J. SchaffnerA group of astronauts land on a world inhabited by intelligent simians.
#71/1973/Michael CrichtonTwo friends visit a robot-inhabited amusment park that simulates the Wild West.
#72/1987/Walter HillTwo childhood friends - one now a Texas Ranger and the other a drug lord - find themselves on opposite sides of the law.
#73/1999/George LucasTwo Jedi - Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi - are almost assassinated while trying to negotiate an end to the Trade Federation blockade of Naboo.
#74/2002/George LucasAnakin Sywalker is assigned to protect Senator Padmé Amidala from assassination attempts, while Obi-Wan Kenobi is sent to investigate the attempted killers.
#75/2007/Dwayne Carey-HillA group of scammer aliens take over Planet Express.
#76/2008/Dwayne Carey-HillThe crew of Planet Express is transported to a Dungeons & Dragons-style universe.
#77/2008/Peter AvanzinoThe Planet Express crew discover a massive tentacled alien that founds a new religion on Earth.
#78/2009/Peter AvanzinoThe Planet Express crew finds itself in the middle of a plot to turn a significant part of the galaxy into a golf course.
#79/1955/Charles LaughtonA murderous preacher marries a widow so he can obtain the small fortune being hidden by her two children.
#80/2016/Mel GibsonDesmond Doss becomes one of the great American war heroes of World War II for his actions at the Battle of Okinawa.
#81/2004/Jared HessA gawky high schooler helps his new friend run for class president.
#82/1941/Howard HawksA pacifistic hillbilly becomes the greatest American war hero of World War I.
#83/2009/Daniel BarberAn elderly British veteran turns to vigilantism after a close friend is murdered.
#84/2011/Steven SpielbergAn intrepid reporter and his dog, Snowy, purchase a model ship, sparking a treasure hunt.
#85/1986/John HughesThree high schoolers skip class to go to Chicago for the day.
#86/2013/Robert RodriguezA Mexican federale is hired by the U.S. government to stop a madman with a doomsday plot.
#87/2010/Ethan Maniquis, Robert RodriguezThe main character of the above entry takes on a corrupt U.S. Senator and the head of a drug cartel.
#88/2010/Sylvester StalloneA mercenary team is hired to overthrow a Latin American dictatorship.
#89/1988/Michael Herz, Lloyd KaufmanAfter an airliner crashes on a tropical island, the survivors must stop a terrorist army from destroying the United States.
#90/1932/Howard Hawks, Richard RossonA Chicago mobster kills his way to the top of the gangland food-chain.
#91/1931/William A. WellmanA small-time crook from Chicago becomes a gang enforcer in the early days of Prohibition.
#92/2007/David SilvermanA certain family from Springfield manages to escape the town after it's encased in a giant dome by the EPA.
#93/1996/Mike Judge, Mike de SeveTwo high school losers accidentally find themselves in the middle of a nationwide manhunt.
#94/2014/Patrick HughesA group of mercenaries face off against one of their former members.
#95/1983/Ted KotcheffA team of veterans raid Laos to rescue P.O.W.s left there after the end of the Vietnam War.
#96/1975/Steven SpielbergA trio of men set out on a boat to kill a shark that's been terrorizing a coastal town.
#97/1973/Richard FleischerWhile investigating the murder of a CEO, a New York City cop uncovers a secret so sinister that some men would rather choose to die than live knowing it.
#98/1997/John WooAn FBI agent and a terrorist swap faces and voices.
#99/1974/Michael WinnerAfter his wife and daughter are attacked by muggers, New York City architect Paul Kersey takes to the streets at night as a vigilante.
#100/2008/Sylvester StalloneAn American supersoldier agrees to escort a group of missionaries into war-torn Burma.

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