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1942/World War IIThe American navy defeats the Japanese navy, turning the tide of the war in the Pacific Ocean theater in favor of the Allies.
1942/World War IIBritish-led Allied forces halt the Nazi German and Fascist Italian advance through Egypt.
1942-1943/World War IIThe Soviet Union hammers Nazi German, Romanian, Fascist Italian, and Hungarian forces at a key Soviet city, turning the tide of the war on the Eastern Front in favor of the Allies.
1942/World War IIBritish-led Allied troops defeat troops from Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, driving the latter out of Egypt and ending the Axis Powers' threats against the Suez Canal and Middle Eastern oil fields.
1943/World War IIIn the largest tank battle in history, Nazi Germany unsuccessfully tries to pinch off a Soviet salient in their line on the Eastern Front.
1944/World War IIBritish, American, French, Polish, Canadian, Australian, New Zealander, South African, and anti-fascist Italian troops break through Nazi Germany's Gustav Line on the Italian Front.
1944/World War IIAmerican, British, Canadian, and French forces launch a daring amphibious assault in northern France, beginning the liberation of Western Europe from Nazi Germany.
1944/World War IIPolish resistance fighters in their capital rise up against Nazi German rule, but their rebellion fails when the Soviet Union refuses to support it.
1944/World War IIBritish, American, Canadian, and Polish paratroops land behind Nazi German lines in the Netherlands in an unsuccessful attempt to secure the bridges there.
1944/World War IIThe American navy crushes its Japanese equivalent, guaranteeing the liberation of the Philippines.
1944-1945/World War IINazi Germany launches a major offensive against American and some British soldiers in Belgium and Luxembourg with the goal of recapturing Antwerp (which they fail to do).
1945/World War IIThe capital of the Philippines is liberated from Japanese control by the Americans.
1945/World War IIThe United States seizes a key Japanese island in the Pacific Ocean in a battle notable for the raising of the American flag on Mount Suribachi.
1945/World War IIThe capital of Nazi Germany falls to Soviet and Polish troops.
1945/World War IIJapanese soldiers largely fight to the death on a Pacific Ocean island being invaded by the United States.
1948-1949/Chinese Civil War of 1945-1949Communist Chinese forces break the back of the Chinese government's anti-communist army.
1950/Korean WarAmerican and South Korean forces launch an amphibious landing behind North Korean lines, allowing United Nations and South Korean troops to break out of the Pusan Perimeter,
1951/Korean WarDespite being outnumbered, British, Belgian, and Luxembourgish troops hold off a major Chinese assault until a defense of the South Korean capital of Seoul is organized.
1954/French Indochina WarA French military base is besieged and eventually overrun by Viet Minh rebels.
1968/Vietnam WarAn American and South Vietnamese military base in northern South Vietnam is unsuccessfully besieged by the North Vietnamese.
1968/Vietnam WarDespite being beaten back, Viet Cong and North Vietnamese surprise attacks on various South Vietnamese cities, towns, and military bases causes the American public to turn against the war.
1991/First Persian Gulf WarAmerican and Iraqi tanks clash in the Iraqi desert. resulting in an overwhelming victory for the United States' forces.
1992-1996/Bosnian Civil War and aftermath of the Bosnian Civil WarMuslims and Croats in the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina are besieged by the Serbs.
1993/Somali Civil WarAmerican soldiers on a raid in the Somali capital are ambushed by Somali militiamen.
2004/Second Persian Gulf WarAmerican, Iraqi government, and British forces clear an Iraqi city of insurgents.

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