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1917/World War IIn the British contribution to the Nivelle Offensive, British forces make minor gains against the German line on the Western Front, with the most notable event being the Canadian seizure of Vimy Ridge.
1917/World War IMany French soldiers mutiny after an unsuccessful attack on the German line on the Western Front (the French contribution to the Nivelle Offensive).
1917/World War IA British and French assault against the Germans in Belgium makes minor gains, despite being bogged down in a sea of mud.
1917/World War IGerman and Austro-Hungarian forces snap the Italian line on the Italian Front, taking 265,000 prisoners.
1918/World War IIn an attempt to knock out the Allies before American soldiers start contributing to the war effort, Germany captures all the ground the Allies took in the First Battle of the Somme.
1918/World War IA German offensive in Belgium and northern France against the British, French, and Portuguese lines makes some progress, but fails to push the Allies back to the English Channel ports.
1918/World War IA German offensive to take Paris is driven back by French, American, British, and Italian forces.
1918/World War IIn what Erich Ludendorff called 'the black day of the German army.' British (notably including Australian and Canadian) and French forces break part of the German line on the Western Front, beginning a series of decisive Allied victories.
1918/World War IIn the United States' largest contribution to the war effort, American and French forces launch a successful attack on the German line on the Western Front that lasts until the war ends.
1918/World War IThe British, Belgians, and French launch an offensive in Belgium and northern France that eventually results in the liberation of the entire Belgian coast.
1918/World War IThe Italian army, with the aid of some British, French, Czechoslovakian, and American soldiers, smash the Austro-Hungarian line on the Italian Front, ending the war in that theater.
1920/Russo-Polish WarIn a desperate fight, the Polish army prevents communist Russia from seizing their capital, guaranteeing victory for the former in the war.
1921/Greco-Turkish WarThe Turkish halt the Greek advance through their country, turning the tide of the war in Turkey's favor.
1936-1939/Spanish Civil WarThe Nationalists besiege and eventually capture the capital of Spain, which was held by the Republicans.
1938/Spanish Civil WarThe Republican army exhausts itself in an unsuccessful offensive against the Nationalists meant to reunite the two now-separated areas the former controlled in Spain.
1939/Soviet-Japanese Border WarsSoviet forces defeat their Japanese foes, convincing Japan not to seek further conflict with the Soviet Union.
1940/World War IINazi Germany fails to gain air superiority over the British, convincing the former to call off their planned land invasion of Great Britain.
1941/World War IIAustralian, British, and Polish troops are besieged at a North African port by the Nazi Germans and Fascist Italians, with the Allied forces holding out until relieved.
1941/World War II300,000 Soviet soldiers are captured after being surrounded by the invading Nazi Germans.
1941/World War IIIn the largest encirlement of an army in history, Nazi German forces surround and force the surrender of hundreds of thousands of Soviet troops.
1941-1944/World War IIIn the bloodiest battle in history, Nazi German, Finnish, and Fascist Italian soldiers unsuccessfully lay siege to a key Soviet city for 872 days.
1941-1942/World War IINazi German forces launch an offensive to take the Soviet capital, but are driven back.
1941-1942/World War IINazi German, Romanian, and Fascist Italian soldiers besiege and capture the main port in the Crimea.
1942/World War IIIn the largest surrender of British troops in history, 80,000 British and Australian soldiers at an important Southeast Asian port are captured by Japan.
1942/World War IIA surrounded Nazi German army on the Eastern Front survives against Soviet attacks by being resupplied from the air.

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