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1870/Franco-Prussian WarNapoleon III and a significant number of French soldiers are captured after this battle between French and Prussian/Bavarian/Saxon forces (which the latter won).
1870-1871/Franco-Prussian WarPrussian forces besiege and capture the French capital.
1876/Indian WarsA force of American troops is almost completely wiped out by Native Americans.
1879/Anglo-Zulu WarZulu warriors almost annihilate a British army invading Zululand.
1879/Anglo-Zulu WarA mission station, garrisoned by between 139 and 141 British soldiers, withstands an assault by between 3,000 and 4,000 Zulu warriors.
1882/Anglo-Egyptian WarEgypt becomes a British colony after British troops smash a rebellious Egyptian army.
1884-1885/Mahdist WarMahdist jihadists seize the Sudanese capital from Egyptian soldiers, essentially giving Sudan its independence from Egypt and Great Britain.
1885/Mahdist WarDespite managing to break the British square, Mahdist rebels ambushing a British column headed to Khartoum to rescue Charles George 'Chinese' Gordon are defeated in a fierce battle.
1889/Mahdist WarIn possibly the last major battle fought primarily with melee weapons, the Ethiopian emperor, Yohannes IV, is fatally wounded by the forces of Mahdist Sudan.
1896/First Italo-Ethiopian WarEthiopian forces decimate an invading Italian army.
1898/Spanish-American WarAmerican and Cuban troops secure the high ground outside Santiago de Cuba from Spanish forces.
1898/Mahdist WarBritish (notably including Egyptian) forces practically destroy a Mahdist force attacking their position, guaranteeing that Sudan would, once again, be a part of Egypt and the British Empire.
1900/Boxer RebellionThe international legations in the Chinese capital are unsuccessfully besieged by anti-foreign/anti-Christian Chinese militants known as 'Boxers.'
1904-1905/Russo-Japanese WarThe Japanese besiege and capture a key Russian military base in Manchuria.
1905/Russo-Japanese WarJapanese forces smash Russian forces in Manchuria.
1905/Russo-Japanese WarThe Japanese navy almost annihilates its Russian equivalent in the strait between Japan and Korea.
1914/World War IA Russian army invading eastern Germany is almost wiped out by the Germans (who take 92,000 prisoners).
1914/World War IFrench and British soldiers halt the German advance through France at the outskirts of Paris.
1914/World War IAt the conclusion of the Race to the Sea, a German attack fails to capture the last major unoccupied town in Belgium from British and French forces.
1915-1916/World War IBritish (notably including Australian, New Zealander, and Indian) and French troops launch an amphibious landing against the Ottoman Empire that eventually fails.
1916/World War IFrance is almost bled white defending an important fortified city from German attacks.
1916/Easter RisingIrish rebels rise up against British authorities in the Irish capital, in an unsuccessful bid to win their independence.
1916/World War IIn the only major naval battle of the war, the British lose more ships, but the Germans are forced to flee back to their bases.
1916/World War IIn their greatest contribution to the war effort, Russian forces launch an offensive that almost knocks the Austro-Hungarian Empire out of the war.
1916/World War IBritish and French troops launch a major offensive against the German line on the Western Front, in a battle notable for its horrific slaughter.

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