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1757/Seven Years' WarBritish forces defeat Indian forces, paving the way for eventual British domination of the Indian Subcontinent.
1759/French and Indian War and Seven Years' WarBritish soldiers take the capital of Canada from French troops, guaranteeing victory for the former in the French and Indian War.
1777/American RevolutionFrance is convinced to enter the war on the side of the Thirteen Colonies after American troops force the surrender of a British-led army invading from Canada.
1779-1783/American RevolutionFrench and Spanish forces unsuccessfully besiege a British-held peninsula on the Iberian Peninsula.
1781/American RevolutionAmerican and French soldiers force the surrender of a British army, guaranteeing American independence.
1782/American RevolutionThe British navy defeats its French counterpart, thwarting a planned Franco-Spanish invasion of Jamaica.
1792/French Revolutionary WarsThe new, revolutionary government of France repulses a Prussian invasion, ensuring the survival of the French Revolution.
1798/French Revolutionary WarsThe British navy defeats its French equivalent, leaving the French army stranded in Egypt.
1805/Napoleonic WarsThe British navy decisively defeats the French and Spanish navies, causing France to abandon its plans of invading Great Britain.
1805/Napoleonic WarsA French victory over the Russians and Austrians effectively causes the collapse of the Third Coalition.
1812/Napoleonic WarsFrance manages to capture the Russian capital of Moscow after defeating the Russian army.
1813/Napoleonic WarsRussian, Austrian, Prussian, and Swedish forces defeat the French, setting forth a series of events that will lead to Napoleon Bonaparte's first downfall.
1815/Napoleonic WarsBritish, Prussian, and Dutch troops defeat their French enemies, bringing about Napoleon Bonaparte's second and final downfall.
1824/Peruvian War of IndependenceGran Colombian and Peruvian troops defeat Spanish troops, essentially giving Peru its independence and ending Spain's domination of South America.
1827/Greek War of IndependenceIn the last major battle fought entirely by sailing ships, the British, French, and Russian navies crush the Ottoman navy, greatly aiding the cause of Greek independence.
1836/Texan War of IndependenceA mission-turned-fort, held by Texan rebels, is overrun by Mexican forces.
1836/Texan War of IndependenceTexan forces overwhelm their Mexican opponents, taking Antonio López de Santa Anna prisoner and winning the war.
1838/Great TrekA group of 464 Boer/Afrikaner migrants fight off an attack by between 12,000 and 21,000 Zulu warriors, suffering only three wounded.
1854-1855/Crimean WarBritish, French, Ottoman, and Sardinian forces besiege Russian forces at the capital of the Crimea, in a confrontation that witnesses the Charge of the Light Brigade, the Thin Red Line, and eventual Russian defeat.
1862/Franco-Mexican WarIn a battle celebrated every year on Cinco de Mayo, Mexican troops briefly halt the French advance on their capital, Mexico City.
1862/American Civil WarThe Union repulses a Confederate invasion of the North, convincing Abraham Lincoln to issue his Emancipation Proclamation, freeing all slaves in Confederate-held territory.
1863/American Civil WarUnion troops seize a key city on the Mississippi River, cutting the Confederate States in two, helping turn the tide of the war in favor of the North.
1863/American Civil WarAnother Confederate invasion of the North is beaten back by Union forces, helping turn the tide of the war favor of the North.
1866/Austro-Prussian WarPrussian forces defeat Austrian and Saxon forces, ensuring victory in the war for the former and marking an important step towards German unification.
1870/Franco-Prussian WarPrussian troops cut off a French army's escape route to Verdun, bottling them up in Metz, where the latter would later surrender.

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