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QUIZ: Can you name the famous meteorologists (or people associated with meteorology)?

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British pioneer; developed atomic theory; took over 200,000 weather observations.
Explained the large-scale motions of the atmosphere in terms of fluid dynamics.
Weather Channel personality; named Hurricane Camille.
Wrote a thesis developing vectors for use in forecasting storm motion.
Researcher and chaser famous for his expertise in severe convective storms.
Issued the Greensburg, Kansas tornado emergency.
University of Oklahoma professor and researcher; a leader in the VORTEX projects.
Chaser and photographer famous for his 'dry' lightning photos in Arizona.
Quintessential NBC 'Today Show' weatherman; created the 'Ronald McDonald' character.
NWS and BAMEX meteorologist considered an expert on bow echoes and QLCS tornadoes.
Forecaster for the Allies' D-Day invasion; developed theories on frontogenesis.
Briefly a TV forecaster in Indianapolis; more famous for his 'late' endeavors.
Russian who developed the most widely used climate classification system.
Weather Channel personality; famous for field reporting in hurricanes.
Contributed groundbreaking theories on wind shear and tornado damage classification.
Developed theories on atmospheric circulation; applied Coriolis to meteorology.
Retired Colorado State University professor; pioneered seasonal hurricane forecasting.
Pioneer of forecasting using maps and telegraph reports; director of the Cincinnati Observatory.
NHC director and researcher; co-developed a scale for classification of tropical cyclones.
WGN broadcast meteorologist rumored to be the nation's highest paid.
Controversial forecaster may have issued proper warnings for the Galveston 1900 hurricane.
Upper troposphere researcher; developer and manufacturer of radiosondes.
Contributed to using thermodynamics in meteorology; first to theorize continental drift.
'Wake Up' with this NBC / Weather Channel anchor.

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