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Comic strip written by Bill Watterson.
A type of textile, or common coloration of feline.
Largest city in Alberta, Canada.
Combat-based video game series published by Activision.
To ensure the accuracy of a specific measurement technique.
Pizza Kitchen, Golden Seals, or Dreamin'
A style of music originating in Trinidad and Tobago.
Award given annually for children's picture books.
A young cow.
An infamous frontierswoman and wild west figure.
Keyboard instrument associated with the circus.
Culinary name for squid.
A metric unit of energy, or something a dieter counts.
Former name for India's fourth-largest city.
Handwriting in a decorative or artistic manner.
An electronic mathematical tool.
Awarded annually to the National Hockey League's top rookie.
Manufacturer of golfing equipment.
Element with atomic number 20.
Italian turnover pastry.
Women's medical supplement produced by Wyeth.
A prostitute.
Critically panned 1979 film by Tinto Brass.
16th century reformed Christian movement.

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